Integrating Cultural Diversity in Higher Education (HE4U2)

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 15:00

A meeting was organised for relevant stakeholders to explore recommendations emerging from HE4U2 research project.

The dialogue moved from a testimony from Waed about her experience of migration to policy development issues and recognition of qualifications. Pedagogical problems regarding learning and language were highlighted. Questions about the dominance of ‘white’ curricula in higher education and the pervasiveness of inequality in European education was discussed. The poor educational inclusion record for Roma and Irish travellers was noted.

The HE4U2 recommendations were critiqued and suggestions gathered for changes. The research partners were challenged to make the recommendations ‘intentional’ rather than aspirational. This is necessary if they are to influence change. It was noted that many institutions have good policy but research is required to measure the levels, nature and impact of integration practices. It was agreed that ‘uncomfortable conversations’ were needed, within universities and with policy makers.

Overall, the HE4U2 policy recommendations were welcomed.

For more information visit He4u2 research webpage at:

Contributions were made by:
Waed AL KUTEIFALL, Phoenix Foundation;
János WELNER, European Economic and Social Committee;
Margie WATERS, Policy Office, European Directorate General for Education;
Professor Dana SAMSOM, Université catholique de Louvain (BE);
Prof Kevin Orr, University of Hddersfield (UK);
Mary Tupan-Wenno, EAN (NL).