MU researchers awarded IRC funding to address societal challenges

Thursday, December 14, 2023 - 12:00

Eight MU researchers working on projects ranging from the challenges of mental and physical health, human rights and citizenship and education have received awards under the Irish Research Council (IRC) ‘New Foundations’ programme.

The projects bring together researchers and civil society organisations to share knowledge, develop new insights, and devise evidence-based strategies and policies to address societal issues.
Six projects were awarded a total €69,699 funding under the Enhancing Civic Society theme. A further two projects were awarded € 19,989 under the Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development theme in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs (Irish Aid) and the Department of Education.
These projects support research, networking and collaboration for the purpose of increasing public awareness and understanding of issues such as climate change, hunger, global inequality and injustice.
The Maynooth University awardees are:

  • Dr Sadhbh Byrne, Department of Psychology and ALL InstituteProvision of Informal peer Support for Mental health (PRISM): Co-designing a survey with youth to explore the nature of informal support provided, experiences of support-provision, and needs of young supporters, in partnership with Mental Health Ireland, funding €11,950.
  • Dr Jack Crangle, Department of History, The mixed race Irish book project: public history, education and awareness of Ireland’s diverse past, in partnership with Christine Buckley Centre, funding €11,617.
  • Dr Delma Byrne, Department of Sociology, ALL InstituteCHOICE: Negotiating Provision for School Choice for a Diverse and Inclusive Society, in partnership with Education Training Boards Ireland; Educate Together; Department of Education, funding: €11,918.

Announcing the funding awards, Director of the Irish Research Council, Dr Peter Brown, said: “The Irish Research Council is very proud of the connections that have been enabled between researchers and wider stakeholders through the many awards made under the New Foundations programme over a number of years. This year will build further on the many successful partnerships, many of which endure and continue beyond the lifetime of the specific award. The research system and the experts that work within it, in myriad disciplines, are a strategic national resource and the New Foundations scheme helps to create a vibrant cross-stakeholder community to enhance evidence and knowledge for better policy and practice. I look forward to seeing fruitful and mutually beneficial collaborations develop between the awardees and their partners in civil society organisations and government departments & agencies.