Journey Re - competition seeking innovative ideas for the reinsurance market

Monday, March 14, 2016 - 12:00

Win a 6month working period & a chance to win overall prize money of €50,000 to realise your own idea in the area of re/insurance
Open to students, graduates and young professionals

  •  The Event:  Register for the initial event in Dublin on 21 April 2016, Guinness  Storehouse
  •  The Workshop: After the event on the 21 April we will be holding a Journey Re assessment workshop (20 to 21 May 2016) for those interested in becoming involved in our programme. Applications to take part in the workshop assessments can be submitted by registering on our website and submitting a CV and motivational letter by 13 May 2016 to
  • The working period:  After successfully completing the assessment workshop, participants will receive the unique chance to realise their own idea in the area of re/insurance during a 6 months working period. During this working period they will receive coaching and training by Hannover Re and industry experts as well as business consultants.
  • The Award: Participants will receive compensation and the opportunity to start a new game-changing venture in the re/insurance market, as well as the possibility to win a prize money of €50’000.