Information for Students

We are so pleased to welcome you back to campus.  Teaching, research, clubs and sports activities have resumed under conditions as close to normal as possible, while ensuring that overall numbers attending on-site continue to be monitored and controlled.  
In the first semester, lectures of up to 250 students, practicals, and tutorials are being held on campus. Most lectures over 250 are being taught remotely but will, wherever possible, include a weekly on-campus experience such as a tutorial.

You can read more details in  Studying at Maynooth University in Academic Year 2021-2022

We  ask you to continue to protect each other by following our health guidelines. 

  1. You should not come to the campus if you have symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19.
  2. You should continue to observe the hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing and cough etiquette.
  3. You should continue to observe the social distancing and mask wearing protocols that are in place.  These measures may vary from time to time in response to the public health situation.

Key dates for the next semester

  • Semester 1 begins on 20 September 2021.  Most courses for continuing students began on this date. 
  • Orientation for first year undergraduate students itakes place the week from 20-24 September, with formal teaching begining on 27th September.  This start for first year students is later than usual, because of the late release of Leaving Certificate results.


Please remember that Student Services are open and available to assist you with any support needs you may have, and you can find further information here.  


If you are seeking accommodation on campus, please see the accommodation information at:

International Students

See the International Office website at

Covid Cases - What to do

What you should do in response to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19