What is EDEN?

EDEN is  Maynooth University ’s University Centre for Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation. EDEN is here to help all students develop their creative confidence and turn their creative ideas into action that will add value to the world.​

Collaborate and Experiment

Really great new products, artefacts and ventures are always the outcome of highly interactive and iterative action learning with peers, users and other stakeholders. Collaborative co-creation through experimentation is the underpinning philosophy of all EDEN’s courses and practice. New ideas are stimulated and developed in workshops and with extended networks of peers and mentors.

Eden is for everybody!

Whether student, staff or practitioner in law, languages, science, business, economics, history, sociology, media, engineering, or any other discipline, you will always encounter situations that require skills of creativity, innovation, empathy and collaboration. The integrated use of these skills requires discipline, good methodology, good networks and lots of practice. We bring together peers who are interested to bring about added value benefits to other people, organisations, the economy and society.​

Creative Problem Solving, Experimental Entrepreneurship, Sketching, skills development. One-day workshops, seminars, short course, modules, other events. Let us know if there’s a course you’d like us to provide.
EDEN's mission is to

  • Help all students develop skills and mind-set for a productive life.​
  • Inspire, motivate and support creativity and action that adds value.
  • Build a collaborative community in and outside the university.​


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