Neil Sands

VP, Innovation and Programming
Framehawk / Ngen Ireland / Bronsan Media
California, USA.
BA History and Maths

As a Math major at Maynooth, I gained an appreciation for logic and quantitative analysis of data. My studies in History, offered me the opportunity to collaborate and research in teams on projects with qualitative information and improve my writing.

Currently VP of Innovation at, a mobile development start-up based in San Francisco, CA. Graduated with honours from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Awarded the President Garvey Scholarship, conducted Masters studies in the US and most recently received honours MBA from the Smurfit School, at University College Dublin. Worked for several years in Canadian banking, holding management positions in operations and digital marketing strategy in Toronto. Co-authored report on Next Generation Diaspora Engagement (2010 ) for the Ireland Funds, the book Next Generation Ireland (Blackhall Press) and regular contributor on mobile, social and cloud technology. With Accenture Global Management Consulting, worked on diaspora outreach strategies for US State Department and Hilary Clinton in 2011. Active philanthropist, CEO of and the President of the Irish Network in California. January 2012 - first start-up exit from the Facebook development firm, Syncapse Corp, having received $25 million in funding from BDC and ABS Capital Partners.

Managing a team of 10, responsible for product development and process innovation in a $11MM venture capital funded mobility startup, Framehawk, in Silicon Valley, California.

Being a single-digit employee at a product start-up allows one to learn a great deal about the validation of a business concept, calibration of that product to market and how that concept can be scaled. Certainly, being a venture capital funded company comes with many responsibilities and challenges, especially in technology markets like California; however the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration amongst employees and competitors is refreshing.

Profile submitted August 2012