Research Live is:
A partnership between External Stakeholders, academics/academic departments and students undertaking individual or group research projects at undergraduate or postgraduate level

Research Live  is concerned with:
Increasing the knowledge and understanding of key issues affecting community and industry partners and transform the knowledge gained into practical actions/policy for innovation and social change.

Research Live is best suited to :

  • Academics who are teaching final year undergraduate research modules or postgraduate research programmes. The programme is also suitable for modules with group or collective research components.
  • Business or industry partners who have a live research opportunity that warrants their involvement as co-creators. Ie. Where they need to be involved in shaping and contributing to the research themselves but do not have the resources or skills necessary.
  • Civil Society organisations who require additional research expertise to develop policies or inform their actions but want to do this in a way that empowers their own organisation/members to be actively involved as contributors to the process.

This initiative was established by the Experiential Learning Office in 2021 and is funded by the HEA innovation and transformation project "Future Ready".