The MU Leaving Certificate Study Scheme will run from 24 May to 27 June 2023.

Each student should read and agree to the library's terms and conditions below before filling out the form

  •  Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the Library
  •  Students must behave in an appropriate manner in the Library
  •  Noise should be kept to a minimum throughout the Library
  •  Students must not cause any disturbance that is likely to distract or inconvenience others
  •  Food is not permitted in the Library
  •  Water in non-spill bottles is permitted throughout the Library
  •  Printing, photocopying or scanning services are not available
  •  Borrowing is not available
  •  Library stock, equipment and fittings must not be damaged, defaced, removed without authorisation, concealed or otherwise interfered with
  • Access to Library PCs or laptops is not available

You will be asked to leave if you do not comply with the above.


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In the case of an emergency please give a contact name and mobile number
If you are under 18 years of age, a consent form will be sent to you via email to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian