MIEC students excel in 34th edition of the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 21:30

The Maynooth International Engineering College (MIEC) students achieved excellent results at the recent 2022 Mathematical Contest in Modelling for College Students held 17th-21st February 2022. The American Collegiate Mathematical Modeling Competition (MCM/ICM), sponsored by the American Federation of Mathematics and its Applications, is the only international mathematical modeling competition and the most influential mathematical modeling competition in the world with over 20,000 teams taking part globally.

Teams of three undergraduates students create, analyse, and write a report on a mathematical model for an open-ended real-world problem. The competition covers content such as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine, and safety. The contest attracts wide student body and academic advisors from over 900 institutions around the world.

A team of MIEC students was a finalist in the E category, as the only team to be a finalist representing Fuzhou University. The teams in this category investigated Forestry for Carbon Sequestration as part of the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM). The ICM is an extension of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling that aims to develop and advance interdisciplinary problem-solving skills as well as competence in written communications. There was further MIEC success in the competition including one meritorious winning team, 12 teams received honourable mentions and many students were listed as successful participants. Click here for full results. Congrats to all the MIEC students that got involved in the competition!