Every year, Maynooth students face extreme barriers that make even showing up to class a remarkable achievement.

Food and housing insecurity, health problems, family difficulties, lack of access to transportation or mental health supports – any of these is a barrier to getting through college. And yet, these students are remarkably resilient and continue to press forward in their studies, with help from the support services staff at MU.

Building on the success of last year's Alumni Fund to help students impacted by COVID-19, the Maynooth University Alumni Extraordinary Achievement Awards Fund is a new initiative from Maynooth University Foundation and MU's Student Budgeting Office to recognise the hard work and perseverance of these students.

With your help, we can welcome these students into the Maynooth Alumni Community and set them up for the next stage of their lives through an award of €1,000 in their final semester. 

These most remarkable of final-year students need - and deserve - your support. We hope you will support them with a gift that says, “Well done. Welcome to the Maynooth Alumni Community. You can do this - look what you’ve achieved already.” 

To kickstart the campaign, a very generous Maynooth alumnus has offered to match any donations we receive to the fund up to €5,000. 

We thank this person for their incredible generosity – and hope it inspires you as much as these students inspired them to support these students.

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