Beyond Google Search: Editions as Dynamic Sites of Interaction

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 16:30

MU DAH student, Shane McGarry, will present a paper entitled 'Beyond Google Search: Editions as Dynamic Sites of Interaction' at the European Society for Textual Scholarship Conference 2015 at De Montfort University, 19-21 November. The paper, co-authored by Professor Susan Schreibman, focuses on the importance of understanding usability within digital scholarly editions and the role that information privilege plays with regard to our interaction with these editions.

Shane is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University, where his research is focused on the presentation of text in a digital environment.  He is exploring new paradigms in search and data visualisations as well as the presentation of text in an effort to break away from the book metaphor.  Prior to the commencement of his Ph.D. studies, Shane worked in the private sector for nearly 15 years as a software developer and solutions architect, working across numerous industry verticals.  Shane currently holds a B.S. in Information Technology and an M.A. in Digital Media & Interactive Design. Shane blogs at:

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