Quick Facts and Figures

2018 snapshot

402 Academic Staff (Research and Teaching appointments)

513 Researchers

c. €50M current research and contracts portfolio

82 new industry and enterprise partnership projects

Five year summary: 2013-2017

2616 publications were recorded in Scopus

The field-weighted citation index  across all our publications is 1.68. This measures the extent to which our work has been cited by others in the same area, compared to a world average of 1.00.

14.2% of Maynooth publications are in 10% of most cited publications worldwide.

9 new spin out companies have been created.

20 patent applications have been filed.

Recent Points of Pride

Peter Thorne, Professor of Physical Geography and Director of the Icarus Climate Research Centre, has been appointed in 2018 as a “co-ordinating lead author” for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reports from which have been a major influence on the international response to human-induced global warming over the past 30 years.

J. Anthony Murphy, Professor of Experimental Physics, is a member of the European Space Agency Planck Satellite Collaboration Team that was awarded the 2018 Gruber Cosmology Prize. Prof Murphy was a co-investigator on the development of the high frequency instrument (HFI) on board the satellite, which made detailed measurements of the early universe.

Malcolm MacLachlan, Professor of Psychology, was  awarded the 2017 Royal Irish Academy gold medal for the Social Sciences.

European Research Council awards to Sean O Riain (Sociology), Rob Kitchin (Geography), Davide Stifter (Celtic Studies) and Damien Woods (Computer Science).

Rob Kitchin, Professor of Geography, was awarded the 2013 Royal Irish Academy gold medal for the Social Sciences.

John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography, was a Review Editor and Contributing Author to the 4th Assessment Report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for which that organisation was jointly awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Since 2005 Maynooth University has spun out 21 high technology companies.