WFRN Conference Panel

Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 08:45

Dr Marian Crowley-Henry organised, presided, and presented her research on 'Does Country Matter? Skilled Migrant Mothers' Careers in Ireland, France, the USA, and Australia' at the Work Family Researchers' Network conference in New York (23-26 June 2022). Marian organised and chaired the paper symposium on 'Subjectivities of Motherhood and Work' at the conference, which included five multi-disciplinary academic research papers on the intersection of mothers, work, careers, and narratives. The use of narratives and subjective accounts of motherhood allows scholars from different academic backgrounds to share discipline-specific research via a common research approach. Rich narratives from mothers experiencing work and motherhood were shared in the panel from research in business/management studies, media studies, language studies, social policy, and social work domains. The panel epitomised three of Maynooth University School of Business’ values in particular: being research-informed, liberal (shared experiences between people of difference & disciplines) and egalitarian by proactively engaging with research across disciplines to better understand research phenomena.