Why study Astrophysics

If you are passionate about understanding astrophysical phenomena, this subject area is for you. It has a similar base to our Single Major degree in Experimental Physics but with an increased emphasis on studying the physical principles needed to understand astronomical objects such as planets, stars and galaxies, as well as the dynamics of the Universe as a whole. You will study the latest telescopes, satellites, detector technology and data analysis techniques used to make the exquisitely sensitive observations needed in modern astrophysics. In addition you will receive an excellent grounding in all the core areas of Experimental Physics, opening up all the career opportunities available to physicists.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have found work in Met Éireann, St. Luke’s Hospital Dublin, the European Space Agency, NASA, Caltech, Intel, Hewlett Packard, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory among others.  

Astrophysics graduates move on to careers in areas such as medical physics, computational physics, forensic science, meteorology,
environmental and atmospheric physics, computing, electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor industry, banking, finance, and management.

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