Maynooth Classics Seminar Spring 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 00:00

The Department of Ancient Classics is pleased to host the following speakers this semester:

22 February 2019        Special event
15:00–17:00               Professor Armand D’Angour (University of Oxford)
                                   ‘The Rediscovery of Ancient Greek Music’
                                    Hosted by the Maynooth University Departments of Ancient Classics and Music, in conjunction with                                       the Maynooth University Arts and Humanities Institute
8 March 2019              Professor David Scourfield (Maynooth University)
                                    ‘From The Ides of March to Augustus: Literary Form, Historical “Reality”, and Philosophical                                                         Exploration in Two Novels of Ancient Rome’
29 March 2019           Dr Myles Lavan (University of St Andrews)
                                   ‘Who are the “Romans” in the Imperial Period? Romani and Rhomaioi in the First and Second                                                    Centuries’
26 April 2019              Dr Jonathan Davies (Maynooth University)             
                                    ‘A haunt of jackals: Rome as Babylon in Josephus’ Jewish War
Except where indicated, all meetings will be held on Fridays at 16:00 in John Hume Lecture Theatre 7.
All most welcome
  Maynooth Classics Seminar Spring 2019