Launchpad Focus Groups

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 00:00

You are invited to participate in a study about Launchpad and the experience of being a student at Maynooth University.  The study will take place during April-May 2014 and has been commissioned by the Access Office and is being carried out by Dr Delma Byrne (Sociology and Education) and John Paul Byrne (Sociology).

 If you participate, we will ask you to take part either in an informal focus group with other students who are participating in the  DARE and HEAR schemes and a member of the research team, or alternatively you could instead opt to take part in an interview with one of the research team. You can decide on the nature of your participation in the study (interview or focus group). The interviews and focus groups will take place in a public place (e.g. café on university grounds, or a room in the access office) and will last no more than 45 minutes.  
The study seeks to gain a better understanding of the higher education experiences of students that participate in the DARE and HEAR schemes at Maynooth University. Specifically, the interview and focus groups will focus on two areas:

  • your views and experiences of Launchpad (the pre-entry orientation programme)
  • your views and experiences of the supports provided to you at Maynooth University, including the impact of changes to financial supports and grant levels 

If you decide to take part, please contact John Paul, one of the research team, at the following email address: ASAP.