Dyslexia Screening

Some students at Maynooth University may feel they could have dyslexia when faced with reading tasks and written assignments in college. If the student wishes to register with the Disability Office, a full educational psychologist report confirming a diagnosis of dyslexia with up-to-date attainment scores must be provided. 

The Disability Office offers dyslexia pre-screening and screening to students who have not previously been assessed but are experiencing difficulties that may be related to a learning disability. Dyslexia pre-screening and screening are NOT diagnostic. The purpose of dyslexia pre-screening and screening is to look at indicators of a possible dyslexic profile to advise if proceeding to a ​full educational psychological assessment is required to diagnose dyslexia. 

The dyslexia pre-screening and screening process:

  • offers an initial investigation into a student’s learning problem.
  • provides an insight into the student’s learning style.
  • matches up/ rules out difficulties consistent with learning disability profiles.
  • recommends referral to an appropriate agency as appropriate.