All HEAR students receive academic supports from the Maynooth Access Programme including:

MAP Academic Advisors

Many students will only experience difficulties at particular times during their academic journey and therefore may only require short term or very specific supports.  For some students however these issues can become overwhelming and can threaten not only their academic participation but perhaps students may even feel like leaving their course. In order to ensure that students are supported as effectively as possible all academic departments have appointed a lecturer as a MAP Academic Advisor.
MAP Academic Advisors can offer academic guidance and support with course related academic issues or concerns. They can also ensure that you don’t need to necessarily talk with all of your lecturers about the issue as they can offer a coordinated point of access and support. The important thing is that you know that there is an academic contact within each Department who can offer you academic guidance and support when you need it.

Visit MAP Academic Advisors for more information and a current list of MAP Academic Advisors for the academic year.


A unique and innovative module for first years at Maynooth University  that runs the full academic year. Student+ blends learning strategies with educational technology. Students learn about academic principles, study skills, writing techniques, using technology in learning, exam techniques and different learning styles. Find out more about Student+ .


Technology+ is an innovative module that will introduce to you the latest educational technology and show you how to integrate it into your learning. There are several really useful tools that you can investigate during your time at Maynooth University. Technology+ shows you how to incorporate educational technology into your daily life as a student. Find out more and sign up for Technology+