Ailbhe Garry

Graduate – BSc with Education, currently in PME year two.
BSc with Education

Over the four years of my BSc Ed, I experienced a range of opportunities and challenges that have shaped me as a teacher and as a person. Balancing a college timetable with teaching practice allowed me to develop as a professional while also experiencing college life and pursuing a love of my subjects. I also had the chance to sample a taste of academic research through the Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research, working in the Education Department on a project which allowed me to further develop my teaching as well as gaining research experience. The BSc Ed community was vibrant and always supportive, from the lecturers down to my fellow students, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. It has allowed me to fulfil the best of my potential from my studies to my teaching, with some truly great relationships built along the way. I have no doubt that I will carry what I have learned with me throughout my career, along with many fond memories of my time as a BScEd.