Elaine Gaughran

Intel Ireland

I enjoyed Maths, Technology and Science in school and after a few university open days decided Physics was for me. Physics struck me as being endless in what you could learn, constantly stimulating and challenging. I selected science in Maynooth initially on location. I picked Maths, Experimental Physics, Maths Physics, and Computer science. I finished with a Single Honours in Exp. Physics, a Higher Diploma in Applied Physics and a Masters in Molecular Physics.

The highlight of my time was the department itself, the staff gave the students respect and encouragement, the labs and common rooms used created a great environment where students studied together and as a postgrad I felt like a peer to the staff and was given plenty of opportunity to demonstrate labs. The department encouraged my love of Physics but also made we want to share it. I remember my time very fondly.

It took a matter of months to get a Job in Intel after graduating. My first post was over process steps which involved large furnaces and etch and metal sputter.  The knowledge I had gained in Vacuum systems, Computer Interfacing and problem solving were invaluable to being hired and over the last few years I have overseen a module of several process steps, managing changes to the process, training of the operators, content of the maintenance tasks, and the yearly budget. The Job has been diverse and challenging. My favourite part about working in Intel is the constant changing environment with new things to learn and challenge you all the time.