Emily Gleeson

Meteorologist, Met Éireann

As soon as I entered Secondary School I knew that I wanted to study science at university. While in 5th year, our school reached the Concern All Ireland Debating Final which was held in Maynooth University and the glimpses of the historical old campus were one of the first things to win me over. The opportunity to study a wide range of subjects in a personal, friendly environment and the university’s excellent reputation in the field of physics are also among the reasons I chose to study there.
I attained a double honours degree in Experimental Physics and Chemistry and was lured into doing a PhD in Physics by the excitement of getting the chance to work on the European Space Agency mission Planck and to work for Prof. Anthony Murphy.

Following the PhD I continued working in the Physics Department as a Postdoctoral research fellow before taking a break from research to work as an engineer in Intel for a year. For the past 7 years I have been working for the Irish Meteorological Service, Met Éireann. I initially worked as a weather forecaster before taking on a role in meteorology research specialising in climate modelling and radiation physics.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Maynooth University. I am still very much in touch with the Physics Department and return each year to give guest lectures in meteorology. The staff are always very welcoming and as soon as I enter room 1.16 (tea room) it feels as if I have never left!