A Masters at Maynooth

Maynooth University supports its students to build new knowledge, supported by real access to leading academics.
Damhnait Gleeson, did her BSc in Science in NUI Galway, then came to Maynooth University to undertake a postgraduate degree, the MSc in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing.
Damhnait explains that, like many undergraduates, “I was interested in figuring out a way to make my knowledge more useful, to make my means of applying the skills I had learned in my degree course more practical and make myself more employable.
As a postgraduate student, she found that life in Maynooth was very different to her undergraduate experience; “It was a really intense, we covered a lot of material that year. It was an applied course, so a lot of the work was project based, sometimes we were spending 10 hours a day in the lab working away. It was an incredible learning environment and really, really useful”.
Today, Damhnait is working as a Mars Scientist at the Centro de Astrobiologia in Madrid, on a Mars analogue project characterising minerals, with the ultimate objective of determining the habitability of Mars.