Statement in response to events in Dublin city centre on Thursday 23rd November

Monday, November 27, 2023 - 10:30

The Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth University stands in solidarity with the children, families and communities affected by the horrific incident at the school in Dublin's North Inner City on Thursday afternoon. We equally stand in solidarity with all those impacted by the subsequent attacks in the city centre which sought to cynically use the earlier incident to undermine our commitment to living together successfully in our diversity. 
We commend and support the community work, youth work, and social work projects and services in the city that work tirelessly every day to build solidarity and resilience, foster respect, tackle inequalities, promote wellbeing, challenge racism and hate in all forms, and address the impacts of the very significant poverty that can so easily undermine unity and cohesion in our communities. This work is made all the more challenging in the context of deepening socioeconomic inequalities, and a housing and homelessness crisis. Our community work, youth work and social work sectors including community health services, undertake vital preventative, developmental and responsive work that builds community resilience in the face of challenge. It is important that we stand ready to support where we can and that these sectors are placed on a secure and sustainable resource bases to meet the challenges facing local communities now and into the future.