The Maynooth University Alumni Fund

Join the legacy of giving back and empowering future generations through Maynooth University's Alumni Giving Fund. The Alumni Giving Fund serves to support students in need, foster innovation and research, and provide opportunities for students to excel. By contributing, you become a vital part of our collective commitment to shaping tomorrow's leaders and making a lasting difference.  

Funds have previously been used to assist students facing significant barriers to accessing and completing education, support world-class research and enhance the student experience by giving funds to student societies, events, and experiential learning opportunities.

What your giving could achieve €50 can help a student pay their utility bills for a month €75 could buy a student’s groceries for a week €100 can supply a student with essential textbooks and learning materials €500 can support a parent in paying their childcare costs so they can attend lectures €6107 can pay a student’s on-campus accommodation costs for the year