Donating to the Alumni Fund allows you to make a difference in the lives of our students and researchers, who in turn make a difference to the wider world.

The Alumni Fund boosts student inclusion enriches campus life and supports innovative research and teaching projects.

Funds have previously been used to assist students facing significant barriers to accessing and completing education, support world-class research and enhanced the student experience by giving funding to student societies, events, and experiential learning opportunities.

What your giving could achieve

  • €30 can fund a student’s food for a week
  • €50 can pay a student’s utility bills for a month
  • €100 can fund a student’s textbooks and learning materials
  • €500 can help fund a student's accommodation for one month
  • €1,000 can sponsor an Extraordinary Achievement Award
  • €2,500 will help fund a student’s accommodation for a full semester