Angela Rickard


Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Maynooth University School of Education
(01) 708 3453


Lecturer in the Department of Education in Maynooth University Angela Rickard is Course Leader for Year 1 of the Professional Master of Education (PME). She teaches on this and on other postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in the department.  She is interested in integrating education for social justice in Initial Teacher Education; supporting creative approaches to teaching and learning and exploring how emerging technologies can be used to complement these approaches. She is the departmental representative in the Ubuntu Teacher Education Network and coordinates a Development Education Week as part of the PME programme. 

Working with internal and external partners, Angela has worked to promote collaborative, inclusive practice generally and Team Teaching in particular. She has undertaken a number of research initiatives involving partners in Ireland and further afield. Themes include: Social Justice and Development Education, Initial Teacher Education, Teacher Professional Development and Educational Technology. She is currently doing doctoral level study in the University of Bristol.

Research Interests

I am interested in the ways emerging technologies can be used to support creative approaches to teaching and learning across the second level curriculum and in my own teaching. For example orking with Science and Maths Education students I have recently explored Digital Games Based Learning (DGBL). I am keen on promoting collaboration in both teaching and research and have undertaken a number of research initiatives involving partners in Ireland and further afield. For example facilitating Team Teaching in schools. Other research interests include Social Justice Education, Intercultural learning, Educational Technology, Development Education and Teacher Professional Development. I have researched my own teaching, especially my and others’ use of digital video to encourage teachers to develop deeper critical awareness of their teaching styles, values and effectiveness. Currently undertaking doctoral study in the University of Bristol, I am particularly interested in using a Narrative Inquiry based approach to explore questions about education that intrigue me.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
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Book Chapter

Year Publication
2014 Rickard, A (2014) 'Navigating Other Worlds (NOW) Exploring Digital Game-based Learning in Teacher Education' In: Game-Based Learning: opportunities and challenges. Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
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Conference Publication

Year Publication
2008 Rickard, A. and N. Quirke-Bolt (2008) Teaching and Learning 2008 Social networking, as a pedagogic tool: linking schools in Asia and Europe to support classroom project work
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Conference Paper

Year Publication
2013 Angela Rickard & Majella Dempsey (2013) Critical reflection in science teaching and learning: a creative approach to the introduction to teaching practice. [Conference Paper]
2013 Ms. Angela Rickard (2013) Navigating Other Worlds (NOW) Project. [Conference Paper]
2012 Angela Rickard, CélineHealy, Kevin McDermott, KarenRuddock (2012) The transformative effects of inter/viewing teachers about their practice: interim report on the Vitall project. [Conference Paper]
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Technical Publication

Year Publication
2011 R. Austin, A. Rickard, J. Smyth and A. Grace (2011) Crossing the Frontier: Dissolving Boundaries through Technology in Education. [Technical Publication]
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Working Paper

Year Publication
2013 Rickard, A., Grummell, B. and Doggett, B. (2013) WorldWise Global Schools: Baseline Research Consultancy, Dublin: WWGS. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
2009 Rickard, Angela, Quirke-Bolt, Nigel (2009) Going2secondary : An Evaluation of the Going2Secondary Website Project. [Working Paper]
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