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Professor; On Sabbatical until 2024

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Colin studied at Queen's University Belfast and Bristol University. He was Postdoctoral Fellow in Irish Studies at Queen's, Senior Lecturer in English at University of Huddersfield, and Reader in English at Queen's University Belfast. Colin's monographs include 'Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography' which won the Michael J. Durkan/ACIS Prize in 2014 and was Observer Photography Book of the Month for July 2013. He is also the author of 'Deconstructing Ireland' (2001) and 'Ideologies of Epic (1998), and has co-edited three books of essays. He has been co-editor of 'The Irish Review' since 2004. He writes for 'Source' magazine on photography. Colin has published academic articles in journals including 'Cultural Studies', 'Journal of Gender Studies', 'Third Text', 'Visual Culture in Britain', 'Irish Studies Review' and 'Irish University Review'. A full listing of Colin's writing, including essays in artists' catalogues, and works of fiction and memoir in 'The Dublin Review' and 'The Edinburgh Review', is available at

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
GOI Postdoctoral Fellowship for Niamh Campbell PI Colin is mentor. Niamh is taking up an internship with the IRC from 7/1/19; this may be extended by 9 months. Her postdoc fellowship will be extended by the number of months of the internship (originally due to finish 30.09.19). NIamh's internship with the IRC came to an end 29.3.19. Her new fellowship end date is 31.12.19. SL 01/10/2017 31/12/2019 84165
GOI Postdoctoral Fellowship for Richard Howard PI Colin is mentor. 01/10/2017 30/09/2018 42785


Year Publication
2013 Colin Graham (2013) Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography. : The MAC/Belfast Exposed.
2001 Colin Graham (2001) Deconstructing Ireland. : Edinburgh University Press.
1998 Colin Graham (1998) Ideologies of Epic: Nation, Empire and Victorian Epic Poetry. : Manchester University Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2006 Colin Graham and Leon Litvack (Ed.). (2006) Ireland and Europe in the Nineteenth Century. Dublin: Four Courts,
2002 Colin Graham and Glenn Hooper (Ed.). (2002) Irish and Postcolonial Writing. London: Palgrave,
1999 Colin Graham and Richard Kirkland (Ed.). (1999) Ireland and Cultural Theory. London: Macmillan,
1998 Colin Graham (Ed.). (1998) Elizabeth Barrett Browning. London: Everyman,
1997 Colin Graham (Ed.). (1997) Robert Browning. London: Everyman,
1996 Colin Graham (Ed.). (1996) Selected Poems: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. London: Everyman,
1993 Colin Graham (Ed.). (1993) Men and Women and Other Poems: Robert Browning. London: Everyman,

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2016 Colin Graham (2016) ''Action Man's Rifle and the Troubles'' In: The Metronome Bursts of Automatic Fire Seep Through the Dawn Mist . Dublin : Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.
2016 Colin Graham (2016) 'Landskrona Foto View: Ireland' In: 'Disappearing Opacity'. Göteborg : Landskrono.
2016 Colin Graham (2016) ''Sectarian Murder'' In: Landskrona Foto View: Ireland. Göteborg : Landskrono.
2015 Colin Graham (2015) ''Dwelling'' In: Midlands. Dublin : Martin Cregg.
2013 Graham C. (2013) ''Indebted for their existence to the inessential': On three Irish artists' In: Viewpoints: Theoretical Perspectives on Irish Visual Texts. Cork : Cork University Press.
2015 Colin Graham and others (2015) '‘Between Mourning and Memory’' In: After the Agreement: Contemporary Photography in Northern Ireland. London : Black Dog.
2012 Colin Graham (2012) ''Disappearing Opacity'' In: Still - Patrick Hogan. Dublin : Gallery of Photography.
2011 Colin Graham (2011) ''Inscription|Trace'' In: Disturbance - Willy Doherty. Dublin : Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.
2011 Colin Graham (2011) ''When Borders Cease to Exist'' In: Creative Ireland: The Visual Arts. Dublin : Printed Project/Visual Artists Ireland.
2011 Colin Graham (2011) ''Signatures of Experience'' In: Residency - Anthony Luvera. Belfast : Belfast Exposed.
2010 Colin Graham (2010) ''Evidence of the Future'' In: Where are the People?. Belfast : Belfast Exposed.
2009 Flannery E.; Griffin M.; Graham C. (2009) 'Ireland in focus: Film, photography, and popular culture' In: Ireland in Focus: Film, Photography, and Popular Culture. London : Routledge.
2009 Colin Graham (2009) 'Foreword' In: Ireland in Focus: Film, Photography and Popular Culture. Syracuse : Syracuse University Press.
2009 Colin Graham (2009) ''Gestures Beyond Identity'' In: The Quick and the Dead. Dublin : Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.
2009 Colin Graham (2009) ''The Filiality of a Mere Coin'' In: IrelandVenice: Gareth Kennedy. Carrick-on-Shannon : The Dock/IrelandVenice.
2008 Colin Graham (2008) ''Archetypes of an Uncertain Future'' In: Bonfires - John Duncan. Göttingen : Steidl.
2007 Colin Graham (2007) '‘“We Irish”: What Stalks through Donoghue’s Irish Criticism’' In: Ireland and Transatlantic Poetics. Newark : University of Delaware Press.
2007 Graham, C (2007) ''Let's Get Killed': Culture and Peace in Northern Ireland' In: IRISH POSTMODERNISMS AND POPULAR CULTURE. BASINGSTOKE : PALGRAVE.
2006 Colin Graham (2006) ''Blame it on Maureen o'Hara: Ireland and the trope of Authneticity'' In: Cultural Heritages. London : Routledge.
2006 Graham C. (2006) 'Literary historiography, 1890-2000' In: The Cambridge History of Irish Literature: Volume 2 1890-2000. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. [DOI]
2004 Colin Graham (2004) ''Representing Ireland'' In: Representing Ireland - Michael Durand. Dublin : Gallery of Photography.
2004 Colin Graham (2004) ''A Misplaced Eden'' In: Archive: Lisburn Road - Ursula Burke and Daniel Jewesbury. Belfast : Belfast Exposed.
2003 Colin Graham (2003) ''Subalternity and Gender: Problems of Post-Colonial Irishness'' In: Theorising Ireland. London : Palgrave.
2003 Colin Graham (2003) '‘Belfast in Photographs’' In: The Cities of Belfast. Dublin : Four Courts.
2002 Colin Graham (2002) '‘A Warmer Memory: Centrality and Marginality in Irish Criticism’' In: Across the Margins. Manchester : Manchester University Press.
2002 Colin Graham (2002) '‘Ireland (Postcolonialism) Scotland’' In: Ireland (Ulster) Scotland: Concepts, Contexts, Comparisons. Belfast : Cló Ollscoil na Banríona.
2002 Colin Graham and Glenn Hooper (2002) '‘A Diseased Propensity: Fetish and Liminality in the Irish “Colonial” Text’' In: Irish and Postcolonial Writing. London : Palgrave.
2001 Colin Graham (2001) '‘Punch Drunk: Post-Colonialism, Theory and Irish Cultural Ephemera’' In: Understanding Post-Colonial Identities: Ireland, Africa and the Pacific. Ibadan : Sefer.
2001 Colin Graham (2001) ''A Glimpse of America'' In: Last Before America. Belfast : Blackstaff.
2000 Colin Graham (2000) ''Rejoinder'' In: Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century. Cork : Cork University Press.
1999 Colin Graham (1999) '‘“...maybe that’s just Blarney”: Irish Culture and the Persistence of Authenticity’' In: Ireland and Cultural Theory: The Mechanics of Authenticity. London : Macmillan.
1999 Colin Graham and Richard Kirkland (1999) ''Introduction'' In: Ireland and Cultural Theory. London : Macmillan.
1998 Colin Graham (1998) ''Postnationalism/Postcolonialism: Reading Irish Culture'' In: Reviewing Ireland: Essays and Interviews from Irish Studies Review. Bath : Sulis Press.
1998 Colin Graham (1998) ''Theory, Post- and Nation in Ireland'' In: Space and Place: The Geographies of Literature. Liverpool : Liverpool John Moores University Press.
1998 Colin Graham (1998) ''Colonial Violence and Imitation: Samuel Ferguson and the Phoenix Park Murders'' In: Irish Encounters: Poetry, Politics & Prose. Bath : Sulis Press.
1998 Colin Graham (1998) ''A Late Politics of Irish Gothic: Stoker's The Lady of the Shroud'' In: That Other World: The Supernatural and the Fantastic in Irish Literature. Gerrards Cross : Princess Grace Irish Library/Colin Smythe.
1997 Colin Graham (1997) ''History, Gender and the Colonial Moment: Castle Rackrent'' In: Gender and Nineteenth-Century Ireland. Dublin : Four Courts.
1995 Colin Graham (1995) ''Derek Mahon's Cultural Marginalia'' In: Returning to Ourselves. Belfast : Lagan Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2017 Colin Graham (2017) '‘Foreword: “Crumpled Metal” and “A Gift of a Melon”: The Future and Northern Irish Culture’'. Irish University Review, 47 (Supplement):395-404. [Full-Text]
2013 Graham, C (2013) ''strange architecture': Ciaran Carson's Until Before After'. Irish University Review, 43 :381-397. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2009 Colin Graham (2009) '‘Gargarin’s Point of View: Memory and Space in Recent Northern Irish Art’'. The Irish Review, 40-41 :104-113. [Full-Text]
2009 Colin Graham (2009) ''Hireling Strangers and the Wandering Throne: Ireland, Scotland and Samuel Ferguson''. Estudios Irlandeses, 4 :21-31. [Full-Text]
2008 Colin Graham (2008) ''Dallas, Belfast: Sarah Browne and Gareth Kennedy Interviewed''. The Irish Review, 39 :70-77. [Full-Text]
2005 Colin Graham (2005) ''Every Passer-by a Culprit?: Archive Fever, Photography and the Peace on Belfast''. Third Text, 19 (5):567-580. [Full-Text]
2001 Colin Graham (2001) ''Blame it on Maureen o'Hara: Ireland and the trope of Authneticity''. Cultural Studies, 15 (1):58-75. [Full-Text]
2001 Colin Graham (2001) ''Moderation, the Post-Colonial and the Radical Voice''. Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, 7 (2):43-54. [Full-Text]
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1996 Colin Graham (1996) ''History, Gender and the Colonial Moment: Castle Rackrent''. Irish Studies Review, 14 :21-24. [Full-Text]
1996 Colin Graham (1996) ''Subalternity and Gender: Problems of Post-Colonial Irishness''. Journal of Gender Studies, 5 (3):363-373.
1995 Colin Graham (1995) ''Rejoinder: The Irish Post-?''. Irish Studies Review, 13 :33-36.
1994 Colin Graham (1994) 'Post-Nationalism/Post-Colonialism: Reading Irish Culture'. Irish Studies Review, 8 :35-37.
1994 Colin Graham (1994) ''Liminal Spaces: Post-Colonial Theory and Irish Culture''. The Irish Review, 16 :29-43. [Full-Text]
1993 Colin Graham (1993) ''Hopkins, Yeats and the Death of Samuel Ferguson''. Notes and queries, 238 (4):493-494.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2017 Colin Graham (2017) ''Dennis Dineen: Small Town Portraits'' Paper Visual Art, 8 (67) .
2009 Colin Graham (2009) 'Luxury, Peace and Photography in Northern Ireland' Vniversitas, 10 (2) :139-154.
2000 Colin Graham (2000) ''Epic, Nation and Empire: Notes towards a Bakhtinian Critique'' Bucknell Review, :84-100.

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2019 Rosita Boland, Colin Graham and Selina Guinness (2019) 'Letters to Iceland'. Chicago: [Magazine Article] [Link]
2014 Colin Graham (2014) 'The Directive'. Edinburgh: [Magazine Article]
2013 Colin Graham (2013) 'Staccato'. Chicago: [Magazine Article] [Link]
2013 Colin Graham (2013) 'Vexillology'. Dublin: [Magazine Article]
2013 Colin Graham (2013) 'Chalice'. Dublin: [Magazine Article]
2012 Colin Graham (2012) 'Portion'. Edinburgh: [Magazine Article] [Link]
2012 Colin Graham (2012) 'Saved'. Edinburgh: [Magazine Article]
2010 Colin Graham (2010) 'Robinson Country'. Dublin: [Magazine Article] [Link]

Web Page

Year Publication
2017 Colin Graham (2017) 'The Brexit Landscape'. [Web Page] [Link]
2017 Colin Graham (2017) 'Seam and Friction: Brexit and Northern Ireland'. [Web Page] [Link]
2013 Colin Graham (2013) 'Teeming Blankness'. Brighton: [Web Page] [Link]

Co-edited Journal Issue

Year Publication
1999 Colin Graham and Willy Maley (1999) Irish Studies Review: Special Issue on Ireland and Post-Colonial Theory. [Co-edited Journal Issue]


Year Publication
2003 Colin Graham (2003) Titanic Industries. Belfast: [Pamphlet]
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