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Dr. David Doyle joined the Department of Law in October 2015. David read History and Politics at University College Dublin where he graduated with BA and MA degrees, before completing his doctorate and a Bachelor of Laws degree (with first class honours) at the National University of Ireland, Galway. A previous recipient of an IRCHSS doctoral scholarship, his PhD thesis, Sexual Crime and the Formulation of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935, investigated the prosecution of sexual crime against children in the formative years of the Irish state and provides a critical analysis of the law governing child sexual abuse in twentieth century Ireland. In 2010, David returned to UCD where was awarded a highly competitive IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011), an IRC New Ideas Award (2011), an IRC New Foundations Award (2012) and an IRC Research and Networking Grant (2012) to further his research on capital punishment in twentieth century Ireland. In 2013, David was awarded a prestigious IRC (Marie-Curie Co-Fund) International Career Development Fellowship, which was hosted by the Centre for Criminology at the Oxford Faculty of Law. Since joining the Department, David has also been awarded IRC New Foundations Awards (2015, 2016, 2019 & 2020) and an IRC Coalesce Award (2021) to conduct research on human trafficking, de-extinction and access to education. His research and teaching interests include criminal law, criminology and criminal justice, education law and legal history, and he welcomes research proposals in these areas. 

Research Interests

David's research interests include capital punishment, criminal justice history, de-extinction, human trafficking, sexual offences and the right to education. His first book (with Dr. Liam O'Callaghan), Capital Punishment in Independent Ireland: A Social, Legal and Political History, was published by Liverpool University Press in December 2019. 


Year Publication
2019 D.M. Doyle and L. O'Callaghan (2019) Capital Punishment in Independent Ireland: A Social, Legal and Political History. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Book Chapter

Year Publication
2022 L. O’Callaghan, D.M Doyle, D. Griffin and M. Murphy (2022) 'The Ultimate Sacrifice: Irish Police Killed in the Line of Duty, 1922-2020' In: Perspectives from the Periphery: Histories of Punishment in Ireland. US : Emerald Publishing.
2020 M. Murphy, D.M. Doyle and C. Murphy (2020) 'Labour Trafficking and the Challenges of Victim Identification in Ireland: Exploring the Legacy of Article 4 UDHR' In: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: A Review of Successes and Challenges. Dublin : Clarus Press.
2020 M. Cronin, C. Murphy, D.M. Doyle, D. Byrne and M. Murphy (2020) 'Refugees and Higher Education in Ireland' In: Refugees and Higher Education: trans-national perspectives on access, equity, and internationalization. Boston, MA : Brill/Sense.
2016 D.M. Doyle and J. McGrath (2016) 'Attributing criminal responsibility for workplace fatalities and deaths in custody: Corporate manslaughter in Britain and Ireland' In: Homicide, Gender and Responsibility: An International Perspective. Abingdon Oxon UK : Routledge. [DOI]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2020 D.M. Doyle (2020) Inclusion 2.0: Addressing Inequity & Exclusion within Inclusive Policies & Practices ALL Institute Symposium Maynooth University, 20/06/2020-20/06/2020.
2020 D.M. Doyle & A. McMahon (2020) Patents & De-Extinction Patent Scholars Network Workshop Maynooth University, 20/06/2021-21/06/2021.
2020 D.M. Doyle (2020) Million Dollar Baby? Patents, De-Extinction, and the Commodification of Animal Life Under European Patent Law Law & Society Association Annual Meeting (Virtual Conference) Colorado, 30/05/2020-30/05/2020.
2019 D.M. Doyle (2019) Minorities, Dignity and the Right to Education in Ireland Law & Society Annual Meeting Washington DC, 30/05/2019-02/06/2019.
2018 D.M Doyle and C. Murphy (2018) Lived Experiences of Victims of Trafficking: Exploring the legacy of Article 4 UDHR The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Seventy; A Review of Successes and Challenges Maynooth University, 21/06/2018-22/06/2018.
2018 D.M. Doyle (2018) Million Dollar Baby: Patents and De-Extinction Extinction Workshop Newcastle University, 27/09/2018-27/09/2018.
2018 D.M. Doyle & L. O'Callaghan (2018) Gender, Sexual Morality and the Death Penalty in Independent Ireland, 1923-44 Irish Conference of Historians University College Cork, 27/04/2018-29/04/2018.
2018 D.M. Doyle (2018) Capital Punishment and the Anti-Colonial Struggle in Ireland: Imperial Challenges and PostColonial Perspectives Legal History and Empires Conference University of West Indies, Barbados, 09/07/2018-11/07/2020.
2018 D.M. Doyle (2018) Victims' Perspectives of Labour Trafficking in Ireland Ignite 2019 Maynooth University, 02/10/2018-02/10/2018.
2016 D.M. Doyle (2016) In the Shadow of Subversion: Capital Crime and Independent Ireland British Crime Historians Symposium University of Edinburgh, 07/10/2016-09/10/2016.
2015 D.M. Doyle (2015) Republicans, Martyrology and the Death Penalty in Britain and Ireland Irish History Seminar Series Oxford, 28/01/2015-28/01/2015.
2015 D.M. Doyle (2015) Irish Historians, the Carrigan Committee and the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935 American Conference of Irish Studies Fort Lauderdale, 25/03/2015-28/03/2015.
2014 D.M. Doyle (2014) The Ultimate Penalty: Past, Present and Parole European Society of Criminology Conference Prague, 10/09/2014-13/09/2014.
2014 D.M. Doyle (2014) A Family Affair? English Hangmen and a Dublin Gaol, 1923-54 British Society of Criminology Conference University of Liverpool, 10/07/2014-12/07/2014.
2014 D.M. Doyle (2014) 'Corporate Manslaughter and Deaths in Custody: Rhetoric, Regulation, Responsibility The Cultural Lives of Death in Punishment Seminar University of London, 01/09/2014-01/09/2014.
2014 D.M. Doyle (2014) Martyrdom, memory and the death penalty in Ireland British Crime Historians Symposium University of Liverpool, 26/09/2014-27/09/2014.
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Teaching Interests

Criminal Law
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Education Law
Intellectual Property Law