Dr David Mangan


Assistant Professor

New House
(01) 4747771


Prior to entering academic work, he practised as a lawyer (barrister & solicitor) in Canada, and held consulting positions. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in the U.K., David has held academic positions in Canada and the UK where he was Associate Professor and Deputy Associate Dean (International). His research focuses on labour/employment and obligations (contract, tort), particularly the effect of information technology in these areas. David’s work has been published in Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Labour Law Journal, and one of its European Developments editors. David is also co-editor of the Wolters Kluwer blog Global Workplace Law & Policy, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Italian Labour Law e-Journal. David is also a Ph.D. supervisor with Advance CRT which is funded by the Irish Science FoundationHe is an Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School (Professional Development) in Toronto and at Université Catholique Lyon, Faculty of Law. David is also an Affiliated Researcher with the Centre for International and European Labour Law Studies (CIELLS), University of Warsaw. He has been a Global Professor at KU Leuven Faculty of Law, as well as a Visiting Professor at the University of Pescara-Chieti. In 2024, he was a Visiting Professor at Università degli Studi di Milano. In 2024-2025, David is a Visiting Professor in the Marco Biagi Foundation at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.  

Research Interests

David's research investigates private law obligations (contract and tort) as well as employment/labour law, with a focus on the impact of information technology in these areas. In this work, he draws together the doctrinal aspects of contract and tort with social, political and economic considerations. Within these subjects, research has been conducted under two headings: (i) the influence of information technology on the workplace; and, (ii) the challenges posed by information technology to the law of obligations. 

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
Privacy@Work Co-Lead This study will provide guidance to stakeholders in the fields of labour law and industrial relations through the myriad issues (attributable to IT innovations) pertaining to privacy at work. This project additionally lays the groundwork for a potential ‘European common framework of principles on privacy at work’ that can find recognition within the context of the General Data Protection Regulation and the European social dialogue. This common framework will also form the basis of the next stage of research after this project. 01/06/2021 30/06/2023
Enhancing labour standards and protection measures for platform workers Investigator This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement n° 833577). ResPecTMe will generate a new theoretical model of, and a measurement approach and monitoring tools for, precariousness at the paid and unpaid work continuum. 01/01/2022
Varieties of Industrial Relations in Aviation Lockdown (VIRAL) Scientific Committee Member This project aims to improve the expertise and knowledge of industrial relations through activities of analysis and research in a crucial European business, particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the air transport sector and its value chain. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air transport sector has been very telling, affecting low cost and legacy airlines equally. During the Covid-19 crisis, airlines have seen their capacity reduced by between 95 to 98 percent, and therefore thousands of employees along the air transport value chain have been laid off or put on short time working. 01/08/2021 30/06/2023
The Equivocal Autonomy of Academic Employment Co-Lead This book presents readers with perspectives on contemporary employment of academics. It may surprise the general public that the idea of the ‘ivory tower’ now more closely approximates an office building. Academia hires individuals who have been trained and have demonstrated their capacity to work autonomously. It employs these same individuals, however, in a manner that is representative of the on-demand nature of work in the early 21st century. Consequently, academia exhibits a number of tensions. Working time is not fixed, but continuous. Publish or perish has been amended to publish (to a level to be determined) or be put on a teaching-only contract; where a teaching-only contract (oddly) constitutes some form of inferior ranking. A third facet of academic work, service to the university, may be one of the most subjective terms in employment contracts. 01/01/2022
“Ireland’s Online Safety Media Regulation Bill” Co-Lead This project assesses the Irish Government’s Online Safety Bill complemented by data from a forum session with students (final year and graduate) at Maynooth University’s School of Law. 01/02/2022

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2024 D.Mangan & F. Pisani (2024) 'Flying around social security'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 15 . [DOI]
2023 D.Mangan, K. Muszyński, V. Pulignano (2023) '‘The platform discount: addressing unpaid work as a structural feature of labour platforms’'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 14 . [Link] [DOI]
2023 D. Mangan, M. Mole (2023) '‘Just more surveillance”: The ECtHR and workplace monitoring’'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 14 . [Link] [DOI]
2023 D. Mangan and M. Nogueira Guastavino (2023) 'The metaverse matrix of labour law'. Italian Labour Law e-Journal, 16 . [DOI]
2022 D.Mangan (2022) '“Remote Work: Dissuasion Through Legislation”'. Irish Jurist, .
2021 D.Mangan (2021) '‘Agreement to Discuss: The Social Partners Address the Digitalisation of Work’'. Industrial Law Journal, 50 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 D.Mangan (2021) 'Delivering on the Binary Divide'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 12 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 D.Mangan (2021) 'Does an online professional profile violate an employer’s confidentiality?'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 12 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 Mangan, D; Gramano, E; Kullmann, M (2020) 'An unprecedented social solidarity stress test'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 11 :247-275. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 Mangan, D (2020) 'Covid-19 and labour law in Ireland'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 11 :298-305. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 Mangan, D (2020) 'Covid-19 and labour law in the United Kingdom'. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 11 :332-346. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2020 D.Mangan (2020) ''Regulating for Decent Work: Reflections on the Classification of Employees''. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL, 11 . https://doi.org/10.1177/2031952520905142 [Full-Text]
2019 D.Mangan (2019) '‘Perplexing Platforms for Tort’'. Supreme Court Law Review (Canada), 93 .
2019 D.Mangan (2019) '‘Beyond Procedural Protection: Information Technology, Privacy and the Workplace’'. European Law Review, 44 .
2016 D.Mangan (2016) 'Process and Outcome'. King's Law Journal, 27 . [Link] [DOI] [Full-Text]
2015 D.Mangan (2015) '‘Regulating for Responsibility: Reputation and Social Media’'. International Review of Law, Computers and Technology, 29 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2015 Mangan D. (2015) 'No longer. Not yet. the promise of labour law'. King's Law Journal, 26 (1):129-150. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2014 Mangan D. (2014) 'Assessing employment tribunal awards'. Industrial Law Journal, 43 (2). [DOI] [Full-Text]
2013 Mangan D. (2013) 'Employment tribunal reforms to boost the economy'. Industrial Law Journal, 42 (4):409-421. [DOI] [Full-Text]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2024 D. Mangan (2024) '“Privacy and Labour Law Traditions”' In: The Meaning of Work. Deventer : Wolters Kluwer.
2024 D.Mangan (2024) 'Why is freedom of the press adjunct to freedom of expression in Canada?' In: Global Perspectives on Press Regulation: Theory and Practice of Press Freedom. Oxford : Hart/Bloomsbury. [Link]
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2022 D.Mangan (2022) '‘Guidance from the EU Courts: Privacy in the Workplace’' In: Privacy and the Employment Relationship. Milan : Giuffrè.
2022 D.Mangan & I.Senatori (2022) '‘The UK, Labour and Technology’' In: Technological Innovation, Social Change and Labour Relations: New Paradigms to Understanding Labor Law in the 21st Century. Deventer : Wolters Kluwer.
2022 D.Mangan (2022) '‘Social Media Speech and the Workplace’' In: Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics. Cham : Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-23514-1_1159-1
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2020 D. Mangan (2020) '‘Situating Canadian defamation and privacy law in comparative context’' In: Research Handbook on Comparative Privacy and Defamation Law. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar. https://doi.org/10.4337/9781788970594.00033
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Other Journal

Year Publication
2023 D. Mangan (2023) 'The fragmented protection of privacy and data in labour law' Hungarian Labour Law e-Journal, 2023/2 . [Link]
2023 D. Mangan (2023) '‘The curious protection of privacy and data protection in Irish labour law’' Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht, .
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Year Publication
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Published Report

Year Publication
2019 D. Mangan, E. Harbinja, M.R. Leiser, K. Barker, F. Romero-Moreno, and D Dushi (2019) Online Harms White Paper: Consultation Response. British Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA), . [Link]
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2024 D. Mangan (2024) The Sixth Roger Blanpain Lecture “Exploring Freedom in the Modern Workplace; A Labour Law Perspective” Leuven, . [Link]
2024 D. Mangan (2024) Marco Biagi Foundation ‘How is the “collective” dimension of employment relations changing? Players, tools and rules tested by the digital and green transitions’ Modena, Italy, . [Link]
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Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2022 D.Mangan and J. Geary (2022) Remote working is starting to look like a busted flush. Dublin: [Newspaper Articles] [Link]

Working Paper

Year Publication
2015 D.Mangan (2015) A Platform for Discipline: Social Media Speech and the Workplace. [Working Paper] [Link]
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