Dr Dympna McLoughlin



Rhetoric House
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Book Chapter

Year Publication
1998 McLoughlin, D. (1998) 'Female pauper emigration, fertility, and demography in the nineteen century' In: The Field Day Anthology of Women.
1994 McLoughlin, D. (1994) 'Superfluous and unwanted deadweight - the necessary emigration of nineteenth century Irishwomen' In: Patrick O'Sullivan(Eds.). The Irish world wide, heritage, history and identity. Leicester
1990 McLoughlin, D. (1990) 'Workhouses and Irish female paupers, 1840-1870' In: Maria Luddy and Cliona Murphy(Eds.). Women surviving: studies in Irish women's history in the 19th and 20th centuries. Dublin

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2009 McLoughlin, D. (2009) 'Women and sexuality in nineteenth century Ireland'. Irish Journal of Psychology, 15 :266-275. [Full-Text]

Book Review

Year Publication
1994 McLoughlin, D. and Crossman, V. (1994) E Estyn Evans and Irish historical studies. BREV
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