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Emer Nolan was educated at University College Dublin and the University of Cambridge. Her main teaching and research interests lie in the fields of Irish writing (especially fiction), modernism, and literary/cultural theory. In addition to a wide range of essays and reviews, her publications include James Joyce and Nationalism (Routledge, 1995). She is also the author of Catholic Emancipations: Irish Fiction from Thomas Moore to James Joyce (Syracuse University Press, 2007), as well as the editor in 2008 of a Field Day edition of Thomas Moore's satirical history of Ireland from 1824, Memoirs of Captain Rock.  Five Irish Women: The Second Republic, 1960-2016 was published in 2019 by Manchester University Press.  

Research Interests

Irish Studies, Modernism, Nineteenth-century Irish Fiction, Twentieth-century Irish Women's Writing

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2022 Emer Nolan (2022) 'Irish Nationalism' In: The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-century Literature and Politics, eds. R. Potter and C. Hadiyannis. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge U.P.
2018 Emer Nolan (2018) 'Joyce as Cultural Critic' In: Joyce's Non-Fiction eds Ebury and Fraser. London : Palgrave Macmillan.
2014 Emer Nolan (2014) 'Joyce and the Mutations of the Modernist Novel' In: The Cambridge Companion to Irish Modernism ed Cleary. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
2013 Emer Nolan (2013) 'Joyce and the Nineteenth-century Irish Novel' In: Joyce in the Nineteenth Century ed Nash. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
2013 Emer Nolan (2013) 'The Ghosts of Thomas Moore' In: Thomas Moore: Texts, Contexts, Hypertexts. Oxford : Peter Lang.
2005 Emer Nolan (2005) 'John Banim and the Historical Novel' In: The Irish Novel in the Nineteenth Century ed J. Belanger. Dublin : Four Courts.
2005 Emer Nolan (2005) 'The Irish Revival and Irish Modernism' In: The Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture eds Cleary and Connolly. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press.
2004 Emer Nolan (2004) '“Ulysses, Narrative and History”' In: Ulysses: A Casebook ed Attridge. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
2003 Emer Nolan (2003) '“Portrait of an Aesthete”' In: Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Casebook. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
2000 Emer Nolan (2000) 'State of the Art: Joyce and Postcolonialism' In: Semicolonial Joyce eds Attridge and Howes. Cambridge UK : Cambridge University Press.


Year Publication
2019 Emer Nolan (2019) Five Irish Women: The Second Republic. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
2007 Emer Nolan (2007) Catholic Emancipations. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press.
1995 Emer Nolan (1995) Joyce and Nationalism. London: Routledge.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2008 Emer Nolan (Ed.). (2008) Thomas Moore, The Memoirs of Captain Rock. Dublin: Field Day,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2013 Emer Nolan (with Michael G Cronin) (2013) 'Introduction: Ideas and Institutions after the Crash'. The Irish Review, (64):1-3.
2010 Emer Nolan (2010) 'Sinead O'Connor: the story of a voice'. Field Day Review, 6 :53-68.
2010 Emer Nolan (2010) '“The Tommy Moore Touch: Ireland and Modernity in Joyce and Moore'. Dublin James Joyce Journal, 2 :64-77.
2007 Emer Nolan (2007) '“Postcolonial Literary Studies, Nationalism and Feminist Critique in Contemporary Ireland”'. Eire-Ireland, 42 (1-2):336-361.
2006 Emer Nolan (2006) '“Irish Melodies and Discordant Politics: Thomas Moore’s Memoirs of Captain Rock”'. Field Day Review, (2):40-53.
1998 Emer Nolan (1998) '“Swift: the patriot game”'. BRITISH JOURNAL FOR EIGHTEENTH CENTURY STUDIES, 21 (1):39-53.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2021 Emer Nolan (2021) 'Witness to Revival: Mary Colum, 1884-1957' Dublin Review of Books (online), .
2019 Emer Nolan (2019) 'George Eliot at 200' Dublin Review of Books (online), .

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2023 Emer Nolan (2023) 'Sinéad O'Connor', in (online). [Newspaper Articles]
2022 Emer Nolan (2022) Irish culture's remarkable response to political turmoil from 1891 to 1922, in Irish Times. [Newspaper Articles]
2019 Emer Nolan (2019) Sister Ireland, in Irish Times (online). [Newspaper Articles]

Book Review

Year Publication
2023 Emer Nolan (2023) Review of Mary Kenny, 'The way we were: Catholic Ireland since 1922' in Times Literary Supplement. [Book Review]
2022 Emer Nolan (2022) Review of Terry Eagleton, Critical Revolutionaries, in Society magazine. [Book Review]
2022 Emer Nolan (2022) James Joyce's Ulysses at 100, in Times Literary Supplement. [Book Review]
2021 Emer Nolan (2021) Review of The Letters of John McGahern, Times Literary Supplement. [Book Review]
2020 Emer Nolan (2020) Review of Falci and Reynolds eds, Irish Literature in Transition, 1980-2020, Dublin Review of Books (online). [Book Review]
2019 Emer Nolan (2019) Review of Harte ed, Cambridge History of irish Autobiography, James Joyce Quarterly. [Book Review]
2018 Emer Nolan (2018) Review of Patrick O'Malley, Liffey and Lethe, Irish Literary Supplement. [Book Review]


Year Publication
2019 Emer Nolan (2019) Joyce's Grave, RTE News at One. [Discussion]
2017 Emer Nolan (2017) Interview about Thomas Moore on Great British Train Journeys Goes to Ireland BBC TV. [Discussion]


Year Publication
2021 Emer Nolan (2021) Discussion of John McGahern on the TLS podcast. [Podcast]
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