Dr Frank Devitt

Design Innovation

Associate Professor

(01) 708 6334



Year Publication
2021 Devitt F.; Ryan M.; Vaugh T. (2021) Arrive: A design innovation framework to deliver breakthrough services, products and experiences. [DOI]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2013 Devitt F.; Robbins P. (2013) 'Design, Thinking and Science' In: Design Science: Perspectives from Europe. London : Springer. [DOI]
2006 Dr Frank Devitt (2006) 'Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Integration are Part of a Liberal Education for the Knowledge Society' In: Thomas A.F. Kelly(Eds.). Maynooth Philosophical Papers. Ireland : NUI Maynooth. [Full-Text]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 White, PJ; Devitt, F (2021) 'Creating Personas from Design Ethnography and Grounded Theory'. Journal Of Usability Studies, 16 :156-178. [Full-Text]
2018 Keirnen, A. Koffel, R. Robbins, P. Devitt, F. Vaugh, T & Ryan, M (2018) 'How Irish Design Consultancies add value to Ireland's Innovation 2020 Priorities: a preliminary study'. ITERATIONS Design Research and Practice Review, 1 (7):30-45. [Link] [Full-Text]
2017 Robbins P.; Devitt F. (2017) 'Collaboration, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Tourism: A case study of how design thinking created a cultural cluster in Dublin'. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 21 (3):185-211. [DOI]
2011 White P.; Devitt F. (2011) 'The design and development of novel cooking and heating products for Irish older adults: A real health need'. Design Principles and Practices, 5 (3):235-247.
2005 Ringwood J.; Devitt F.; Doherty S.; Farrell R.; Lawlor B.; McLoone S.; Rogers A.; Villing R.; Ward T. (2005) 'A resource management tool for implementing strategic direction in an academic department'. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 27 (2):273-283. [DOI] [Full-Text]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2017 Devitt, F; Robbins, P; Ryan, M; Vaugh, T (2017) ISPIM Innovation Summit, Melbourne Unlocking Design Thinking's Potential [Full-Text]
2017 Devitt.F, Ryan.M, Robbins.P, Vaugh.T (2017) The ISPIM Innovation Summit – Building the Innovation Century . In: The ISPIM eds. Unlocking Design Thinking’s Potential Melbourne, Australia, 10/12/2017- 13/12/2017 [Full-Text]
2016 Robbins, P. Fu, N and Devitt F (2016) ISPIM Innovation Conference - Porto How to unlock innovation in professional services: An empirical study Porto, Portugal, 20/06/2016- 22/06/2016 [Link]
2016 Robbins, P. Devitt, F, Millar G, King, M (2016) XXXVI ISPIM Conference Budapest, Hungary Collaboration and Creativity; a case study of how design thinking created a cultural cluster in Dublin [Full-Text]
2012 Goold E.; Devitt F. (2012) Proceedings of the 40th SEFI Annual Conference 2012 - Engineering Education 2020: Meet the Future The role of mathematics in engineering practice and in the formation of engineers
2004 Devitt, F; Villing, R; Ringwood, JV; Monaghan, K; Ward, T (2004) Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Web-Based Education Degree extension for technicians (DEFT) [Full-Text]
2003 Monaghan, K., Villing, R., Devitt, F., and Ward, T. (2003) The DEFT programme at NUI Maynooth: e-learning for IT&T
1985 Devitt F. and Byrne J.V. (1985) Design and Performance of a Saturable Variable Reluctance Servo Motor

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2009 (2009) Whole-brained, connected innovation - beyond science and technology Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Science Leinster House, .
2009 (2009) Can 16m euro make a big difference to Irish innovation performance? Inovation Task Force workshop Government Buildings, .
2009 (2009) Open, Whole Brained Innovation Teagasc 2030 Workshop Carlow, .
2009 (2009) Whole-Brained Innovation for a Sustainably Successful Economy Humanities Institute of Ireland Spring Seminar University College Dublin, .

Conference Paper

Year Publication
2007 Devitt F., Lawlor R. (2007) Asynchronous Video Lectures - towards the ideal 'blend' in a broadband age. [Conference Paper]

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2009 Devitt, F. (2009) Designing an Innovative Ireland. [Magazine Article]
2009 Devitt, F. (2009) Innovation is much more than Science and Technology. [Magazine Article]

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2009 Devitt, F. (2009) Short View - Spending the innovation budget wisely. [Newspaper Articles]
2009 Devitt, F. & McNulty, S. (2009) Smaller Firms not Achieving their Potential. [Newspaper Articles] [Full-Text]
2008 Frank Devitt (2008) We need to look outward, not inward, to innovate best. [Newspaper Articles]
2008 Frank Devitt (2008) Education for Innovation. [Newspaper Articles]


Year Publication
1983 Dr Frank Devitt (1983) Saturable Switched Reluctance Motors in Controllable Drive Systems. University College Dublin: [Thesis]

Technical Publication

Year Publication
2009 Devitt, F. (2009) Submission to the Innovation Task Force at the Department of the Taoiseach relating to (i) CPD, (ii) Collaborative Research and Knowledge Translation, and (iii) Mutual Understanding across sectoral divides. [Technical Publication]
2009 Devitt, F. (2009) Submission to the Innovation Task Force at the Department of the Taoiseach relating to (i) Irish Business Innovation Foundation and (ii) General Education for Innovation. [Technical Publication] [Full-Text]


Year Publication
2009 Maguire M., Adams, A., Devitt F., O'Dea S. (2009) System and Technology for Delivery of Therapeutic Molecules Based on an Electrospray Bombardment Process - ‘RespirEfector’ & ‘ProFector’. [Other]
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