Dr Gordon Delap


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Logic House
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Dr Gordon Delap comes from Donegal in Ireland. He is interested in electroacoustic composition, audiovisual composition, and composition created through engagement with physical modeling technologies. He has undertaken residencies at Nadine Arts Centre in Brussels, and at the Technische Universitaet in Berlin. He has received commissions from the British Council, Spacenet, the Naughton Gallery, and BBC Radio 3, and won first prize in the Projet Itinerant competition "Point de Repere". Gordon Delap is currently lecturer in music technology at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 Bilbao S.; Perry J.; Graham P.; Gray A.; Kavoussanakis K.; Delap G.; Mudd T.; Sassoon G.; Wishart T.; Young S. (2020) 'Large-scale physical modeling synthesis, parallel computing, and musical experimentation: The ness project in practice'. Computer Music Journal, 43 (2-3):31-47. [DOI]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2014 Bilbao S.; Torin A.; Graham P.; Perry J.; Delap G. (2014) Proceedings - 40th International Computer Music Conference, ICMC 2014 and 11th Sound and Music Computing Conference, SMC 2014 - Music Technology Meets Philosophy: From Digital Echos to Virtual Ethos Modular physical modeling synthesis environments on GPU
2012 McGlynn, P., Lazzarini, V., Delap, G (2012) Proceedings of the New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference 2012, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor Recontextualizing the Multi-touch Surface
2012 McGlynn, P., Lazzarini, V., Delap, G., and Chen, X. (2012) Recontexualizing the Multi-touch Surface Recontexualizing the Multi-touch Surface

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2024 Gordon Delap (2024) Cervantes Electroacústica Festival Internacional Ora Obscura Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 02/08/2024-02/08/2024.
2024 Gordon Delap (2024) MA/IN Festival Ora Obscura Goethe Institute, Rome, Italy, 04/07/2024-16/07/2024.
2024 Gordon Delap (2024) Morelia International Video Art Festival Pupila Ora Obscura Morelia, Mexico, 24/05/2024-24/05/2024.
2023 Gordon Delap (2023) MusLab An Insect that Shuns the Light Guayaquil, Ecuador, 03/10/2023-03/10/2023.
2023 Gordon Delap (2023) Encounters Proteus Aberdeen, 29/10/2023-29/10/2023.
2023 Gordon Delap (2023) VU Symposium An Insect that Shuns the Light Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 05/07/2023-05/07/2023.
2022 Gordon Delap (2022) Music and the University Mandatory Attendance in a Music Department City University, 08/07/2022-08/07/2022.
2022 Gordon Delap (2022) New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival Stave New York, 21/06/2022-21/06/2022.
2022 Gordon Delap (2022) Convergences Proteus University of de Montfort, 22/09/2022-22/09/2022.
2022 Gordon Delap (2022) Immersive Audio Proteus University of Gloucestershire, 16/06/2022-16/09/2022.
2022 Gordon Delap (2022) Sound and Music Computing Conference Battle with Shattered Instruments in the Valley of the Shattered Idols St Etienne, France, 07/06/2022-07/06/2022.
2021 Dr Gordon Delap (2021) Too Much Fun Festival Futura 2021 Crest, France, 19/08/2021-21/11/2021.
2021 Gordon Delap (2021) Low and Dangerous Sympathetic Magic Aberdeen, UK, 20/10/2021-20/10/2021.
2019 Gordon Delap (2019) T-Son, Studio Panaroma I dreamt that I died and came back as a moth trapped in a practise room piano Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff, Instituto de Artes da Unesp, Brazil, 23/10/2019-23/11/2019.
2019 Gordon Delap, Stefan Bilbao (2019) Science Gallery Sound Check: Stockholm NESS Project, Ashes to Ashes Scenkonstmuseet, Stockholm, 01/04/2019-31/05/2019.
2019 Gordon Delap (2019) Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh Black Dog Edinburgh University, 19/02/2019-22/02/2019.
2018 Gordon Delap (2018) Contemporanea 2018 (Finalist) “I dreamt that I died and came back as a moth trapped in a practise room piano” Udine, Italy, 20/10/2018-.
2018 Gordon Delap (2018) SMC 2018 “I dreamt that I died and came back as a moth trapped in a practise room piano” Cyprus, .
2018 Gordon Delap (2018) Sound Forms Ashes to Ashes Hong Kong, 06/04/2018-12/05/2018.
2018 Gordon Delap (2018) Metamorphoses Competition (Finalist) “I dreamt that I died and came back as a moth trapped in a practise room piano” Brussels, Belgium, 24/10/2018-25/10/2018.
2016 Gordon Delap (2016) Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium Splintered Elements Toronto, Canada, .
2016 Gordon Delap (2016) Symposium on Immersion and Experience Black Dog Montreal, .
2015 Gordon Delap (2015) Contemporanea Festival Ashes to Ashes Udine, Italy, .
2015 Gordon Delap (2015) San Francisco Tape Music Festival Perpetual Jiggling San Francisco, .
2015 Gordon Delap (2015) SMC Ashes to Ashes Maynooth, .
2014 Gordon Delap (2014) International Computer Music Conference Ashes to Ashes Athens, Greece, .
2013 Gordon Delap (2013) Composers' Forum, Manchester Ashes to Ashes: An exploration of forbidden materials University of Manchester, .
2013 Gordon Delap (2013) Kilkenny Arts Festival Sympathetic Magic Kilkenny, .
2013 Gordon Delap (2013) Noisefloor Sympathetic Magic University of Staffordshire, .
2013 Gordon Delap (2013) Sound Design Conference Ashes to Ashes University of Edinburgh, .
2013 Gordon Delap (2013) Symposium for Acoustic Ecology La Naissance d'une flute University of Kent, .
2012 Gordon Delap (2012) Undae Sympathetic Magic Spain, .
2012 Gordon Delap (2012) Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium Sympathetic Magic Toronto, Canada, .
2007 (2007) Ultraschall TU, Berlin, .
2007 (2007) SpaceNet conference University of York, .
2007 (2007) MANTIS University of Manchester, .
2006 (2006) Physical models in Action SARC Queen’s University Belfast, .
2006 (2006) Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis in Practice Soundings Festival Edinburgh, .


Year Publication
2004 Delap, G. (2004) Queen's University Belfast: [Thesis]


Year Publication
2017 Gordon Delap (2017) Ashes to Ashes. Science Gallery, Dublin: [Exhibition]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2013 McGlynn, P. Lazzarini, V. Delap, G (2013) 'Análise de Dados Multitoque para Expressividade em Performance Musical' In: Keller, D., Quaranta, D. Sigal, R(Eds.). Special Volume Sonic Ideas: Musical Creativity (Volume Especial Sonic Ideas: Criatividade Musical), Vol. 10. Morelia, Michoacán : Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras.
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