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Jean is an Associate Professor of HRM within the School of Business, Maynooth University.  Jean also serves as Deputy Head of School with responsibility for Accreditation; having previously held the role of 'Academic Director Postgraduate Teaching and Learning'.  Jean is a member of the University ‘Political Economy of Work’ research cluster. Jean's research explores the contemporary employment experience focusing on financialization, the labour process and human resource management (HRM). Jean has published on these topics in top ranked international journals including ‘Accounting, Organizations and Society’ and ‘Work Employment and Society’. Jean has also contributed to HRM related publications including HRM encyclopaedias and textbooks, CIPD and IBEC publications. Jean teaches in the areas of HRM, Careers,  Management, Employee Relations and Business and Society. Jean is an academic member of the CIPD, an external examiner for the National College of Ireland and is on the judging panel of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. Before joining MU, Jean worked as a lecturer in Dublin City University (DCU) and Queens University Belfast. In her first year in DCU Jean was awarded the 'President's Award for Excellence in Teaching'. She completed her PhD in 2010 in Trinity College Dublin with a scholarship from the IRCHSS. Prior to entering academic life Jean worked for several years as a ‘Human Capital Consultant’ for the global professional services company Willis Towers Watson; then Watson Wyatt. During this time Jean worked both in Dublin and Toronto and advised organisations on the design and implementation of a range of HRM techniques.

Research Interests

Sustainable Workplaces
Financialization and HRM 
HRM, Careers and The Future of Work
Knowledge Work

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2016 Cushen J.;Thompson P. (2016) 'Financialization and value: why labour and the labour process still matter'. Work, Employment and Society, 30 (2):352-365. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2013 Cushen, J (2013) 'Financialization in the workplace: Hegemonic narratives, performative interventions and the angry knowledge worker'. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 38 :314-331. [DOI] [Full-Text]
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Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Cushen, J and Durkin, L (2021) 'The Future of Transversal Competencies in Higher Education Assessment' In: Handbook of Research on Future of Work and Education: Implications for Curriculum Delivery and Work Design. USA : IGI Global. [Link]
2020 Thompson P.;Cushen J. (2020) 'Essay forum: Labor in financialization: Value logics and labor: Collateral damage or central focus?' In: The Routledge International Handbook Of Financialization. London : Routledge.
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2011 Cushen, J. (2011) 'The Trouble with Employer Branding' In: Branded Lives: The Production and Consumption of Meaning at Work. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar. [Link]

Encyclopedia Entry

Year Publication
2015 Cushen, J. (2015) Financialization and HRM. Cheltenham: ENC [Link]
2015 Cushen, J. (2015) The Knowledge Worker. Cheltenham: ENC [Link]


Year Publication
2009 Empey, K., Cushen, J. and Byrne, L. (2009) The Essential Guide to Reward and Recognition. Dublin: Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation. [Link]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2022 Coogan, K. M., Crowley-Henry, M., Cushen, J. (2022) Academy of Management Conference Proceedings. https://doi.org/10.5465/AMBPP.2022.89 A schema theory perspective on the psychological contracting processes of interns over time https://journals.aom.org/doi/epdf/10.5465/AMBPP.2022.89 [Full-Text]
2014 Cushen, J. and Thompson, P. (2014) International Labour Process Conference Financialization and The Core Kings College, London, UK,
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2009 Cushen, J. (2009) International Labour Process Conference Structures of control
2008 Cushen, J. (2008) International Labour Process Conference An ethnography of shareholder capitalism, corporate culture and the employment experience

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Coogan, K., Crowley-Henry, M, Cushen, J. (2021) British Academy of Management Unpacking identity and capital evolution in career transitions across time and space United Kingdom, .
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Published Report

Year Publication
2022 Clark Recruitment, Maynooth University, Grant Thornton, Kildare Chamber of Commere (2022) Workforce Survey 2022. Clark Recruitment, . [Link]
2021 Clark Recruitment, Maynooth University, Grant Thornton, Kildare Chamber of Commere (2021) Workforce Survey 2021. Clark Recruitment, . [Link]

Invited Lectures

Year Publication
2018 Cushen, J. (2018) Working and Managing within Financialized Capitalism. INVL
2017 Cushen, J. (2017) Employer Branding. Dublin, Ireland: INVL
2014 Cushen, J. (2014) Organisation Effectiveness. INVL
2014 Cushen, J., Thompson, P. (2014) Financialization and The Core: Why Labour and the Labour Process still matters. INVL

Invited papers

Year Publication
2022 Cushen, J., Coogan, K. and Crowley-Henry, M. (2022) 'The Future Worker'. Invited Presentation at AACA Ireland Business Leaders Forum panel on 'Post Covid Evolution of Working: The Where, When and How of future working'. INVP
2004 Cushen, J. and Wright, L. (2004) Rewarding the Rainmakers: Leveraging incentive design to foster sales force success. Toronto: INVP

Invited Seminars

Year Publication
2020 Jean Cushen (2020) Fostering Resilience in an Agile World. INVS [Link]
2013 Cushen, J. (2013) Financialization and Labour Process Theory. INVS
2018 Cushen, J. (2018) Working in the Financialized Organisation. INVS [Link]
2017 Cushen, J. (2017) Organising and resisting work in the financialized workplace. INVS [Link]
2013 Cushen, J. (2013) Financialization in the Workplace. INVS
2011 Cushen, J. (2011) Critical Realism, Financialization and the Knowledge Workplace. INVS

Edited Journal Issue

Year Publication
2022 Cushen, J. and Curry, M. (2022) Building Sustainable Workplaces: What anthropology can teach us. USA: EJRNL

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2008 Cushen, J. (2008) Generation Why and the HR opportunity. Dublin: MGZN
2006 Byrne, L. and Cushen, J. (2006) Driving the Business through Performance Differentiation. Dublin: MGZN

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2022 Cushen, Jean (2022) How did layoffs become the answer to every business problem?. Ireland: NEWSA [Link]

Radio Presentation

Year Publication
2022 Cushen, Jean (2022) 350 people expected to lose their jobs at Meta's Irish base. Ireland: RADIO

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2003 Cushen, J. & Turriff, W. (2003) Maximising the value and motivational impact of your people cost. Dublin: MA
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Chartered Institution of Personnel and Development Academic Member 01/10/2015 -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/11/2020 2020 Emerald Literati 'Outstanding Reviewer' Awards for Excellence Emerald Group Publishing


Committee Function From / To
Faculty of Social Science Teaching and Learning Committee School of Business Representative -


Employer Position From / To
Queens University Belfast Lecturer HRM 01/10/2009 - 31/08/2011
Willis Towers Watson Human Capital Consultant 01/06/2001 - 31/08/2009
Dublin City University Lecturer HRM 01/10/2011 - 31/08/2015


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
Trinity College Dublin PhD Sociology
Maynooth University MA MA European Social Policy Analysis / Public Policy and the Global Economy

Other Activities

Prior external examiner with the National College of Ireland for their MA in Human Resource Management and the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.


Client Description
Business in the Community Ireland Jean is working with ‘Business in the Community Ireland’ (BITCI). BITCI is a nationwide non-profit whose purpose is ‘to inspire and enable businesses to bring about a sustainable, low carbon economy and a more inclusive society where everyone thrives’. BITC have established several impactful organisational awards relating to responsible business. BITCI are now creating an organisational sustainability ‘maturity model' to guide organisations to more sustainable business practices. Jean is a part of the core group’ working to develop this maturity model and subsequent industry validation tool. In particular, Jean is contributing to the 'social sustainability' component of this maturity model.

Outreach Activities

Jean continues to work with www.clark.ie and Kildare Chamber of Commerce to produce a workforce survey of employers and employees along five counties on the M7 corridor. The 2022 workforce survey focuses on resourcing, skills and work arrangements of the participating companies. [Link]
I serve as a judge at the ‘BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition’, ‘Social and Behavioural’ category. This annual prestigious competition involves working to interview students, assess student entries, provide written student feedback and shortlist finalists. [Link]

Teaching Interests

My track record of delivering a formative, innovative and quality learning experience relates directly to Maynooth University’s strategic aim of offering outstanding, intercultural, societally engaged teaching.  I have several years’ experience teaching small and large classes at undergraduate and postgraduate level; including PhD students. I am the academic director of postgraduate teaching and learning and the programme director for the MSc Business and Management conversion masters.  I am co-supervising one PhD student, I have supervised the dissertations of approximately thirty masters students and I have served as a secondary supervisor to three PhD students. I have taught a range of modules including Career Planning and Development,  Management and Teams, Human Resource Management (HRM), Industrial Relations, Employee Relations Procedures, Business and Society and Research Methods.  My interdisciplinary background means I can teach students with diverse academic interests and create a cumulative, connected learning experience.  In 2012 I was awarded the DCU 'President's Award for Excellence in Teaching' and I was shortlisted for the same award in 2015. My personal teaching objective is to bring theory and ideas to life through use of ‘real world’ examples and activities that prompt student consideration of what they would do in a given scenario.  Where possible, I use reflective-formative assessments to provide students with the tools to engage with and assess their progress through the module.