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Dr. Jennifer Redmond is Associate Professor in Twentieth Century Irish History in the Department of History at Maynooth University and formerly the Director of the MA in Irish History (2014-19).

She is the Chair and main proposer of the successfully funded COST Action HIDDEN: History of Identity Documentation in European Nations which brings together scholars in different disciplines across the EU and its affiliated members to examine issues of identity documentation, migration and citizenship from the twentieth century to the present day. The network runs from October 2022 to October 2026 and incorporates five thematic Work Groups with public facing as well as academic outputs.
Jennifer is also a member of the Motherhood Project at Maynooth University, which is leading the way in examining cultural representations of motherhood and the way that mothers are depicted in popular culture, film, literature and the media. Jennifer brings her research in the area of motherhood and work and motherhood and citizenship to the project. The Motherhood Project is member of the European Union Horizon 2020 funded research network on contemporary European motherhood, involving researchers from Vilnius University in Lithuania and Uppsala University in Sweden. 
She was the Director of The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women’s Education at Bryn Mawr College as part of her Council on Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellowship with a joint appointment between Special Collections and the History Department between 2011 and 2013.
Between 2009-2011 she was an IRCHSS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of History, Maynooth University, mentored by Professor Jacqueline Hill working on a project on Irish people in Britain during the Second World War.  Dr. Redmond completed her undergraduate degree at University College Dublin and an M.Phil and PhD at the School of Histories and Humanities at Trinity College Dublin, the latter on the discourses surrounding Irish female migration to Britain during the first decades of Irish independence which was published by Liverpool University Press in 2018 as Moving Histories which was long-listed for the 2020 Michel Déon Prize which is a joint prize awarded in alternate years by the Royal Irish Academy (funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) in Ireland and the Académie française in France 

Her research interests include migration, women’s history, Irish social history and digital humanities. Dr Redmond was previously Chair of the Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy Research Committee, and Chair of the Maynooth University Decade of Commemorations Committee and a member of the Social Research Ethics Committee for the University (2019-23). She is presently a Faculty representative to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee. 
Jennifer is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and was Vice Chair of the Royal Irish Academic Historical Studies Committee up to 2021. She is a fellow of the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies (Queen's University Belfast) and a visiting fellow of the Centre for Contemporary History, Trinity College Dublin. She is a member of the executive committee of the Irish Historical Society She also sits on the Editorial Board for the leading international journal, Women's History Review and for the Documents in Irish Foreign Policy series, a joint initiative of the National Archives of Ireland and the Royal Irish Academy. She was the President of the Women’s History Association of Ireland (2014-2017). She is a former executive committee member of the Church of Ireland Historical Society.  Dr Redmond is presently an external examiner for Dublin City University and is a past external examiner for  Mary Immaculate College (University of Limerick) and Trinity College Dublin. Follow Jennifer on Twitter @RedmondJennifer 
Dr. Redmond normally teaches the following courses: HY254: Population Change in Post-Famine Ireland; HY276 Gender and History, HY219 Modern Ireland: Twentieth Century; HY395 The Irish in Twentieth Century Britain; HY697 Gender and History in Britain and Ireland; HY833 a research tutorial for first year PhD students and contributes to HY6007 (MA in Irish History) Debates and Controversies and IS201 Gender and Sexuality in Society and Culture, an elective stream available to second year undergraduates. She occasionally teaches HY218 Modern Ireland: 19th Century.
Dr. Redmond welcomes inquiries for research supervision for M.Litt or PhD candidates in any of the areas mentioned above.

Research Interests

Irish social history, migration, transnationalism, women's history, history of education, oral history, World War II, citizenship, gender, identity documentation.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
HIDDEN: History of Identity Documentation in European Nations: Citizenship, Nationality and Migration PI Identity documentation has come to feature in every part of modern life. The History of Identity Documentation in European Nations (HIDDEN) network unites scholars in history, migration studies, geography, sociology, law, linguistics, postcolonial studies, human rights and more to look at the history of ID regimes in Europe and beyond, drawing connections between the past and present. In the context of UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 that everyone should have a legal identity by 2030, and the rise of new forms of biometric digital ID, such as the Covid-19 vaccination certificates, it is timely that an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary group of scholars critically examine the antecedents of modern systems and contemporary practices which can increase societal inequalities. 01/11/2022 31/10/2026 149724.76
EI Horizon Europe Coordinator Support: COST Action: Jennifer Redmond PI 01/09/2022 31/08/2026 1744
IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Dr Jack Crangle PI Jack Crangle 01/09/2022 31/08/2024 99513
Women’s History in the Digital World 2017 PI 06/07/2017 30/07/2017 1706
DIGGING FOR GOLD’: IRISH BUILDERS IN POST-WAR LONDON - REPRESENTATION AND REALITY PI Existing socio-economic histories take scant account of the experiences of Irish migrants in rebuilding post-war Britain. My research will fill this curious lacuna in the migrant history of Ireland. Spanning the period 1945-1995, and focused on the modern conurbation of London, it will sift reality from the stereotypical representations of cultural memory. The archetypes of Irish migrant builders in war-torn London; ‘McAlpine’s Fusiliers’, ‘Murphy’s Rangers’, ‘Pincher Macs’ and their like, are rooted in the complex corporate, social and cultural networks of the construction industry; the projects, contractors and formal/informal subcontract arrangements which flourished during reconstruction. These histories have been mythologised through constant remediation; via folklore, song, news media, prose fiction and drama. This research examines the factual evidence behind these stories, enabling us to compare and contrast representation with reality and determine the underlying cultural discourses which shaped these migrants. Newly-researched primary evidence gathered from the various existing public and corporate archives and my own semi-structured oral interviews will challenge the culturally and politically enshrined narratives of this period of Irish migration. My research will demonstrate: (1) that the root causes of the post-war Irish saturation of UK construction lie in the political, economic, social and cultural difficulties of post-revolutionary Ireland (2) that the reality of the lived experience for London-Irish construction workers was more complex and diverse and, on the whole, positive than ‘folklore’ tells it; (3) that the Irish have impacted significantly on London’s regeneration but in deeper and more permanent ways than cultural memory suggests; (4) that an appreciable majority of those labelled ‘forgotten Irish’ discreetly built meaningful and rewarding lives, careers, businesses and cultural networks for themselves in London. Ambitious yet clearly feasible, this research helps highlight and redress the unpaid historical debt owed to the London Irish by both the Irish and British states. 01/10/2016 30/09/2018 47962
Historical Perspectives on Irish Masculinities in the Revolutionary Era PI 01/03/2016 30/11/2016 4289.5
Regulating Citizenship: Irish Travel and Emigration Arrangements in the Second World War PI 01/05/2011 31/05/2011 0


Year Publication
2018 Jennifer Redmond (2018) Moving Histories: Irish Women’s Emigration to Britain from Independence to Republic. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.
2016 Redmond, J. (2016) Migrants, medics, matrons: Exploring the spectrum of Irish immigrants in the wartime British health sector. [Link]
2016 Redmond, J. (2016) The thermometer and the travel permit: Irish women in the medical profession in Britain during world war two. [Link]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Jennifer Redmond and Megan McAuley (2021) 'The darkest part of a dark history? Infanticide in Ireland: A case study of Donegal, 1870-1950' In: Birth and the Irish. Dublin : Wordwell Books.
2017 Redmond, J (2017) 'Migrants, medics, matrons: exploring the spectrum of Irish immigrants in the wartime British health sector' In: MEDICINE, HEALTH AND IRISH EXPERIENCES OF CONFLICT, 1914-45. MANCHESTER : MANCHESTER UNIV PRESS.
2021 Jennifer Redmond (2021) '“‘[T]he success of every great movement had been largely due to the free and continuous exercise of the right to petition’: Irish Suffrage Petitioners and Parliamentarians in the 19th Century’' In: The politics of suffrage: structures, institutions, and practices. London : University of London Press.
2016 Redmond J. (2016) 'Migrants, medics, matrons: Exploring the spectrum of Irish immigrants in the wartime British health sector' In: Medicine, health and Irish experiences of conflict 1914-45.
2019 Jennifer Redmond (2019) 'Marriage and Migration' In: Marriage and the Irish: A Miscellany. Dublin : Wordwell.
2015 Redmond J. (2015) 'Journeys toward a gentleman's education: International fellowships and Bryn Mawr College Students, 1900-1930' In: Women in Higher Education, 1850-1970: International Perspectives. [DOI]
2014 Redmond, J (2014) 'The thermometer and the travel permit: Irish women in the medical profession in Britain during World War Two' In: WOMEN AND IRISH DIASPORA IDENTITIES: THEORIES, CONCEPTS AND NEW PERSPECTIVES. MANCHESTER : MANCHESTER UNIV PRESS.
2015 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2015) '‘Safeguarding Irish Girls: Welfare Work, Female Emigrants and the Catholic Church, 1920s -1940s’' In: Cara Delay and Christine Brophy (eds.)(Eds.). Women, Reform, and Resistance in Ireland, 1850-1950: Ordinary and Outcast.
2015 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2015) 'The Politics of Emigrant Bodies: Irish Women’s Sexual Practice in Question' In: Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy and Mary McAuliffe(Eds.). Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland. Dublin : Irish Academic Press.
2014 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2014) 'On Leaving… In History, Theory and Reality' In: David Monahan(Eds.). On Leaving.
2012 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2012) '‘In the Family Way and Away from the Family: Examining the Evidence in Irish Unmarried Mothers in Britain, 1920s -1940s’' In: 'She said she was in the family way': pregnancy and infancy in the Irish past. London : Institute of Historical Research.
2009 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2009) '‘Gender, Emigration and Diverging Discourses: Irish Female Emigration, 1922–48’ ' In: Maryann Valiulis(Eds.). Gender and Power in Ireland. : Irish Academic Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2022 Michael KennedyEunan O'HalpinKate O'MalleyBernadette WhelanKevin O'SullivanJennifer RedmondJohn Gibney (Ed.). (2022) Documents on Irish Foreign Policy v. 13: 1965-1969. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, [Link]
2019 Jennifer Redmond and Elaine Farrell (Ed.). (2019) Irish Women in the First World War Era Irish Women’s Lives, 1914-18. London: Routledge, [Link]
2015 Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy and Mary McAuliffe (Ed.). (2015) Sexual Politics in Modern Irish History. Dublin: Irish Academic Press,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Farrell E.; Mccormick L.; Redmond J. (2022) 'Exploring the ordinary: migration, sexuality and crime, and the progression of the 'Agenda' in Irish women's history, 1850s-1950s'. Irish Historical Studies, 46 (170):338-355. [DOI]
2021 Redmond J. (2021) '‘Brave enough to fight? Masculinity, migration and the Irish revolution’'. Irish Studies Review, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 Redmond, J (2021) 'Life history and the Irish immigrant experience in Post-War England'. Contemporary British History, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2021 Jennifer Redmond (2021) 'Introduction: Revolutionary Masculinities'. Irish Studies Review, 29 (2). [Full-Text]
2006 Jennifer Redmond, Deirdre Raftery, Maryann Valiulis and Judith Harford (2006) '‘Imperfect Tools: The Role of Textbooks in Providing a Gender Balanced History Curriculum in Ireland’'. International Journal of Learning, 12 (10):179-186. [DOI]
2007 Jennifer Redmond, Deirdre Raftery, Maryann Valiulis and Judith Harford (2007) '‘What's coming up in the exam?’ A survey of teachers and the delivery of a gender-balanced curriculum'. IRISH EDUCATION STUDIES JOURNAL, 26 (1):107-117. https://doi-org.jproxy.nuim.ie/10.1080/03323310601125336 [Full-Text]
2019 Harford, J; Redmond, J (2019) ''I am amazed at how easily we accepted it': the marriage ban, teaching and ideologies of womanhood in post-Independence Ireland*'. Gender and Education, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Jennifer Redmond and Elaine Farrell (2018) 'Special Issue: Irish Women and the First World War Era'. Women's History Review, 27 (3).
2018 Jennifer Redmond and Elaine Farrell (2018) 'War Within and Without: Irish women in the First World War era'. Women's History Review, . [Link] [DOI]
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) 'Immigrants, Aliens, Evacuees: Exploring the History of Irish Children in Britain during the Second World War'. Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, 9 (2):295-308. [Link] [Full-Text]
2011 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2011) 'The Largest Remaining Reserve of Manpower: Historical Myopia, Irish Women Workers and World War Two'. SAOTHAR (JOURNAL OF THE IRISH LABOUR HISTORY SOCIETY), Volume 36 :61-72. [Full-Text]
2010 Redmond J.; Harford J. (2010) 'One man one job: The marriage ban and the employment of women teachers in irish primary schools'. Paedagogica historica, 46 (5):639-654. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2008 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2008) 'Sinful Singleness? Discourses on Irish Womens Emigration to England, 1922-1948'. Women's History Review, 17 :455-476. [Full-Text]
2021 Jennifer Redmond (2021) 'Irish women and the Great War'. First World War Studies, . [Link] [DOI]
2010 Redmond, J; Harford, J (2010) 'oOne man one jobo: the marriage ban and the employment of women teachers in Irish primary schools'. Paedagogica historica, 46 :639-654. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2008 Redmond, J. (2008) ''Sinful singleness'? Exploring the discourses on Irish single women's emigration to England, 1922-1948'. Women's History Review, . [Link] [DOI]
2007 Raftery, D.; Harford, J.; Valiulis, M.; Redmond, J. (2007) '‘What's coming up in the exam?’ A survey of teachers and the delivery of a gender-balanced curriculum'. Irish Educational Studies, . [Link] [DOI]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2022 Jennifer Redmond (2022) 'Dissenting Voices: Objections and Alternatives to the Anglo-Irish Treaty' Iarmhi: Journal of the Westmeath Archaeological and Historical Society, 1 (2) :119-123. [Link]
2021 Jennifer Redmond (2021) 'Editor for special issue' Irish Studies Review, 29 (2) . [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) Dublin Postgraduate History Conference Keynote Trinity College Dublin, .
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) Mixing It Workshop 'Irish Children and the Second World War: Invisible Evacuees?' University of Huddersfield, .
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) ‘Conflict, Migration and Identity in Modern Ireland: Global and transnational perspectives’ on ‘Migration, Violence and the Irish Revolution: Escapees, Returnees or Other?’ Carlow College, .
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) Teaching and Social Media ‘Social Media and the Historian’ Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, .
2014 Jennifer Redmond (2014) Department of History seminar series 'Reconsidering the Irish Diaspora in the Second World War: Evacuation, the Emergency and Emigrants’ University of Limerick, .
2016 Jennifer Redmond (2016) Fifteenth Annual Irish Migration Studies Lecture, Mellon Centre for Migration Studies ‘Emigrants and the Irish Revolution, 1912-26’ Ulster American Folkpark, Omagh, .
2015 Jennifer Redmond (2015) Dublin Festival of History on ‘Sexual Politics and emigrant bodies in twentieth-century Ireland’ Terenure Library, Dublin, .
2015 Jennifer Redmond (2015) The Dublin Lectures ‘The Marriage Bar in Irish History’ The Little Museum Dublin, .
2009 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2009) Irish women's emigration to England in the twentieth century: discourse and reality IRCHSS Fellow, Department of History, NUI Maynooth, Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy, History, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2022 Jennifer Redmond et al (2022) Research Funding for mid-career researchers in the arts and humanities in Ireland. Irish Humanities Alliance, . [Link]
2004 Jennifer Redmond, Maryann Valiulis, Deirdre Raftery and Judith Harford (2004) Gender Perspectives in the Delivery and Assessment of Junior Cycle History. Dublin, . [Link]
2007 Jennifer Redmond, Maryann Valiulis, Ivana Bacik, Margeurite Woods (2007) Interdisciplinary Report on Prostitution and Trafficking in Ireland. Irish Human Rights Commission, . [Link]
2008 Jennifer Redmond, Maryann Valiulis and Deidre O'Donnell (2008) Women and Ambition in the Irish Civil Service. Department of Justice, . [Link]
2006 Jennifer Redmond, Eileen Drew, Maryann Valiulis (2006) Literature Review on Issues of Work Life Balance, Workplace Culture and Maternity/Childcare Issues. Crisis Pregnancy Agency, . [Link]

Audiovisual material

Year Publication
2013 Jennifer Redmond (2013) A Bryn Mawr Tale. [Audiovisual material] [Link] http://greenfield.brynmawr.edu/items/show/2942


Year Publication
2019 Jennifer Redmond (2019) Women in 1919. [Article]


Year Publication
2013 Jennifer Redmond (2013) Maids, Porters and the Hidden World of Work at Bryn Mawr College: Celebrating Stories for Black History Month. [Blog] [Link]
2013 Jennifer Redmond (2013) Thoughts on feminism, digital humanities and women’s history. [Blog] [Link] http://greenfield.blogs.brynmawr.edu/2013/05/20/thoughts-on-feminism-digital-humanities-and-womens-history/
2012 Jennifer Redmond (2012) M. Carey Thomas and Mary Garrett – lives in letters. [Blog] [Link]
2012 Jennifer Redmond (2012) Gender, Education and Embodiment. [Blog] [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2021 Redmond, J (2021) Women of the Country House in Ireland, 1860-1914. LONDON: [Book Review] [DOI]
2021 Redmond, J (2021) Women, Crime and Punishment in Ireland: Life in the Nineteenth- Century Convict Prison. HOBOKEN: [Book Review] [DOI]
2020 Redmond, J (2020) Youth and Popular Culture in 1950s Ireland. ABINGDON: [Book Review] [DOI] [Full-Text]
2017 Redmond, J (2017) Women's Voices in Ireland: Women's Magazines in the 1950s and 60s. HOBOKEN: [Book Review] [DOI]
2016 Redmond, J (2016) The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity: Race, Nation, and the Popular Press, 1840-1880. TORONTO: [Book Review]
2015 Redmond, J (2015) Irish nationalist women, 1900-1918. ABINGDON: [Book Review] [DOI]
2014 Redmond, J (2014) Being Mary? Irish Catholic Immigrant Women and Home and Community Building in Harold Hill Essex 1947-1970. WASHINGTON: [Book Review]
2011 Redmond, J (2011) Have women made a difference?: Women in Irish universities, 1850-2010. ABINGDON: [Book Review] [DOI]
2010 Redmond, J (2010) A history of apprenticeship nurse training in Ireland. ABINGDON: [Book Review]
2009 Redmond, J (2009) The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain and Ireland: a regional survey. ABINGDON: [Book Review]
2009 Redmond, J (2009) Singled Out: How Two Million British Women Survived without Men after the First World War. CHICAGO: [Book Review]


Year Publication
2021 Redmond J. (2021) Masculinities in revolutionary and post-revolutionary Ireland. [Editorial] [DOI]

Electronic Publication

Year Publication
2015 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2015) Exploring the lives of ‘Outsider Women’. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2013 Jennifer Redmond and Evan McGonagill (2013) Taking Her Place: Women’s Journey through Education from the Private to the Public Sphere. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
2013 Jennifer Redmond (2013) THE SUMMER SCHOOL FOR WOMEN WORKERS: DIVERSITY, CLASS AND EDUCATION. [Electronic Publication] [Link]


Year Publication
2015 Dr Jennifer Redmond (2015) Video introducing the 'Outsider Women' 3U digital exhibit. [Recording]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Women's History Association of Ireland President 12/04/2014 - 30/04/2016
Irish Historical Society Executive Committee Member 01/09/2018 -
Church of Ireland Historical Society Member of Executive Committee 01/11/2015 - 01/07/2020

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/01/2019 Eoin O'Mahony Bursary in Irish History Royal Irish Academy
01/01/2011 Royal Irish Academy Mobility Grant Royal Irish Academy


Committee Function From / To
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Research Committee Secretary 01/09/2015 -
Maynooth University Decade of Commemorations Committee Member 13/07/2016 - 13/07/2016


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
Trinity College Dublin PhD
Trinity College Dublin M.Phil
University College Dublin BA (Hons)