Dr John Murray

Mathematics and Statistics

Associate Professor

Logic House
(01) 708 4628


Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 Murray J. (2020) 'A bijection for Euler’s partition theorem in the spirit of Bressoud'. Ramanujan Journal, 51 (1):163-175. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2019 Gow R.; Murray J. (2019) 'Quadratic principal indecomposable modules and strongly real elements of finite groups'. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 147 (7):2783-2796. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2019 Murray J. (2019) 'Frobenius-Schur indicators of characters in blocks with cyclic defect'. Journal of Algebra, 533 :90-105. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Murray J. (2018) 'The quadratic type of the 2-principal indecomposable modules of the double covers of alternating groups'. Journal of Algebra, 512 :81-91. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Pforte L.; Murray J. (2018) 'The indecomposable symplectic and quadratic modules of the Klein-four group'. Journal of Algebra, 505 :92-124. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Giannelli E.; Murray J.; Tent J. (2018) 'Alperin–McKay natural correspondences in solvable and symmetric groups for the prime p= 2'. Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 197 (4):999-1016. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 Murray J. (2018) 'The duals of the 2-modular irreducible modules of the alternating groups'. Symmetry, Integrability And Geometry: Methods And Applications (Sigma), 14 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2016 Murray J. (2016) 'Symmetric bilinear forms and vertices in characteristic 2'. Journal of Algebra, 462 :338-374. [DOI]
2016 Murray J.; Navarro G. (2016) 'Characters, bilinear forms and solvable groups'. Journal of Algebra, 449 :346-354. [DOI]
2014 Murray, J; Tent, J (2014) 'Character heights and p-length in blocks of p-solvable groups'. Journal of Algebra, 398 :318-328. [DOI]
2014 Murray, J (2014) 'On a result of Kiyoko, Okuyama and Wada'. Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 51 :171-177.
2014 Ellers, H; Murray, J (2014) 'Centralizer algebras and degenerate affine Hecke algebras'. Communications in Algebra, 42 :1074-1094. [DOI]
2013 Danz, S; Ellers, H; Murray, J (2013) 'The centralizer of a subgroup in a group algebra'. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 56 :49-56. [DOI]
2010 Ellers, H; Murray, J (2010) 'Carter-Payne homomorphisms and branching rules for endomorphism rings of Specht modules'. Journal of Group Theory, 13 :477-501. [DOI]
2009 Murray, J (2009) 'Real subpairs and Frobenius-Schur indicators of characters in 2-blocks'. Journal of Algebra, 322 :489-513. [DOI]
2008 Murray, J (2008) 'Components of the involution module in blocks with cyclic or Klein-four defect group'. Journal of Group Theory, 11 :43-62. [DOI]
2006 Murray, J (2006) 'Projective modules and involutions'. Journal of Algebra, 299 :616-622. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2006 Murray, J (2006) 'Strongly real 2-blocks and the Frobenius-Schur indicator'. Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 43 :201-213.
2005 Hethelyi, L; Horvath, E; Kulshammer, B; Murray, J (2005) 'Central ideals and Cartan invariants of symmetric algebras'. Journal of Algebra, 293 :243-260. [DOI]
2004 Murray, J (2004) 'Generators for the centre of the group algebra of a symmetric group'. Journal of Algebra, 271 :725-748. [DOI]
2004 Ellers, H; Murray, J (2004) 'Block theory, branching rules, and centralizer algebras'. Journal of Algebra, 276 :236-258. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2001 Murray J. (2001) 'On a certain ideal of Külshammer in the centre of a group algebra'. Archiv Der Mathematik, 77 (5):373-377.
2001 Murray, J. (2001) 'Sylow Intersections, Double Cosets, and 2-Blocks'. Communications in Algebra, 29 :3609-3619. [Full-Text]
2000 R. Gow and J. Murray (2000) 'Real 2-Regular Classes and 2-Blocks'. Journal of Algebra, 230 :455-473. [Full-Text]
1999 J. Murray (1999) 'The alternating group AS and the general linear group GL4(2)'. Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 99A :123-132. [Full-Text]
1999 J. Murray (1999) 'Blocks of defect zero and products of elements of order p'. Journal of Algebra, 214 :385-399. [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2009 (2009) The representation theory of centralizer algebras Algebraic Topology Groups and Representations Skye, Scotland, .
2009 Dr Andrew Mathas (2009) University of Sydney, Dr John Murray, .
2009 (2009) Centralizer Algebras and Cellular Algebras Algebra Seminar Math Dept, Bristol University, .
2009 Dr Matthew Fayers (2009) The Mullineux map Queen Mary, Dr John Murray, .
2009 (2009) Involutions, FS-Indicators and Real Subpairs Representations of Finite Groups Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, .
2009 (2009) Computing FS-indicators of characters in 2-blocks Conference in honor of I. Martin Isaacs Universitat de Valencia, .
2009 Dr Harald Ellers (2009) Allegheny College, PA, USA, , .
2009 (2009) Carter-Payne homomorphisms and Jantzen Filtrations Representation Theory Seminar Math Institute, Oxford University, .
2008 Dr Harald Ellers (2008) Allegheny College, PA, USA, Dr John Murray, .
2008 Dr Sinead Lyle (2008) Reducible Specht modules: almost complete classifi University of East Anglia, Dr John Murray, .
2007 Dr. Mark Wildon (2007) Counting partitions on the abacus Swansea University, Dr John Murray, .
2007 Dr. Harald Meyer (2007) Subalgebras in the centre of finite group rings an University of Bayreuth, Dr John Murray, .
2007 (2007) The Hall-Higman Theorems: Fifty years on Mathematical Institute, Oxford, .
2006 (2006) Involution module for 2-blocks, cyclic, Klein-4 de Darstellungstheorietage 2006 Schloß Thurnau, near Bayreuth, Germany, .
2006 (2006) FS-indicators of blocks with cyclic Klein 4 defect Representation Theory Seminar Math Institute, Oxford University, .
2005 (2005) Algebraic groups and finite reductive group Bernoulli Center - EPFL, Switzerland, .
2001 (2001) Gregynog Hall, Newtown Powys, Wales, 06/02/2001-06/05/2001.
2001 (2001) Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach Germany, 03/01/2001-.


Year Publication
1998 Dr John Murray (1998) Dade's Conjecture for the McLaughlin simple group. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA: [Thesis]
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