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My research focuses on modern and contemporary poetry. My monograph in progress Official Voices: Poets and the Irish State examines the dynamic between twentieth-century poetry and the emergence of an independent Irish state.

From August 2022, I will co-lead '"Our roots travel widely": Beyond Regionalism and Nationalism in Irish Poetry' (BRAN) with Dr Gail McConnell in Queen's University, Belfast. BRAN is funded by the Department of Taoiseach's Shared Island/North-South Initiative. I won the Faculty Early Career Research Achievement Award in 2022. In July 2022, I was awarded a Provost's Grant for Library Research to undertake archival work at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

My article 'Ferdinand Levy: A Harlem Renaissance Dubliner and De-Colonial Cosmopolitanism' is forthcoming in Journal of Modern Literature, and BBC Radio 4 have commissioned a show producer Claire Cunningham and I proposed on Levy's life and work, scheduled to air Autumn 2023.

 ‘The Case for Irish Modernism: Denis Devlin at the League of Nations and 1930s International Broadcasting’ appears in Modernism/modernity (Spring 2021). I have written for The Irish Times, Tribune, the Dublin Review of Books, and I review poetry widely. 
My writing on poetry has appeared in The Cambridge QuarterlyEnglish, Études Anglaises, as well as several edited collections, including essays on Robert Lowell, John Berryman, and Geoffrey Hill. I recently contributed the Foreword to Martin Bell Translates Robert Desnos. I was previously contributing reviewer for the Modern Irish Poetry section of Year’s Work in English Studies, and I have peer-reviewed for several journals, including Irish University ReviewReligion and Literature, and the publisher Peter Lang, as well as IRC postdoctoral fellowship internal peer review. I have given public readings, lectures, and talks at the Ilkley Festival, READ Salon (Durham), Trinity College Dublin, and This Irish American Life (NYU Glucksman House podcast). My poetry pamphlet And Now They Range was published by Guillemot Press in 2016 and reviewed in The Fortnightly Review and PN Review, and my poems have appeared in Agenda, Blackbox ManifoldThe Hopkins ReviewPoetry, and Stand

I teach across the module offerings in English at Maynooth, including at postgraduate level, and have convened several courses. I have supervised M.A. dissertations on H.D. and mysticism, Yeats and Irish translation, and Irish women's poetry and animality. With Dr Catherine Gander, I co-organise the Poetry and Poetics Reading series, and our readers have included Carolyn Forché, Ilya Kaminsky, Philip Metres, Ishion Hutchinson, Vahni Capildeo, and Seán Hewitt.

I welcome proposals for postgraduate work in any area of modern and contemporary poetry, particularly modernism, post-war U.S., British and Irish poetry, and poetry and theology. Before joining Maynooth, I was a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Leeds. I held a Fulbright scholarship at Georgetown University, and I completed my doctorate at the University of York.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2023 Karl O'Hanlon (2023) 'Ferdinand Levy: A Harlem Renaissance Dubliner and De-Colonial Cosmopolitanism'. Journal of Modern Literature, .
2021 O'Hanlon K. (2021) 'The case for Irish Modernism: Denis Devlin at the league of nations and 1930s international broadcasting'. Modernism/Modernity, :157-180. [DOI]
2018 Karl O'Hanlon (2018) ''A Final Clarifying: Form, Error, and Alchemy in Geoffrey Hill's Ludo and the Daybooks''. Etudes Anglaises, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2016 O'Hanlon K. (2016) ''The violent and formal dancers': John Berryman and Geoffrey hill'. Cambridge Quarterly, 45 (3):208-223. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2016 O'Hanlon K. (2016) ''Noble in his grandiose confusions': Yeats and Coriolanus in the poetry of Geoffrey Hill'. English, 65 (250):211-233. [DOI] [Full-Text]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 Karl O'Hanlon (2020) 'Rebels in Formal Dress: Robert Lowell, Denis Devlin and their Transatlantic Literary Network' In: Robert Lowell and Irish Poetry. Bern: Switzerland : Peter Lang.
2017 O'Hanlon K. (2017) ''A fresh, active relation': Milton's Lycidas and the poetry of John Berryman' In: John Berryman: Centenary Essays. [DOI]
2016 O’Hanlon K. (2016) 'Language and the fall in W. B. Yeats and Geoffrey Hill' In: Fall Narratives: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. [DOI]
2014 Karl O'Hanlon (2014) ''Antimodernism and Religious Modernity in Brighton Rock: The Divided Mind of Graham Greene’' In: Graham Greene: un écrivain dans le siècle [actes du colloque international réunion à Besançon, 10-11 décembre 2011). Besançon : Presses de l'université de Franche-Comté.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2023 Karl O'Hanlon (2023) '‘A modification of the Treaty’: W.B. Yeats, W.T. Cosgrave, and secret peace talks in London during the Civil War' The Irish Story, . [Link]
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) ''Dublin's Socialist Theatre Troupe'' Tribune, .
2020 Elleke Boehmer, Shirley Chew, Shara McCallum, and Karl O'Hanlon (2020) 'Tributes to Eavan Boland' Stand, 18 (2) .
2018 Karl O'Hanlon (2018) ''Paying Its Way' (review of Evan Kindley, Poet-Critics and the Administration of Culture. 2017.)' PN Review, 44 (6) .
2017 Karl O'Hanlon (2017) 'Ovid in America' Stand, 15 (2) :57-61.

Book Review

Year Publication
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) The Letters of Denis Devlin ed. by Sarah Bennett, and: Irish Writers and the Thirties: Art, Exile and War by Katrina Goldstone (review). BREV
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) 'Lightbringers': review of George Szirtes & Denise Riley. Dublin: BREV
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) Observing Proportion (review of Maurice Scully, Airs. BREV [Link]
2019 Karl O'Hanlon (2019) Review, The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin (Oxford University Press, 2019). Sheffield: BREV
2017 O'Hanlon, K (2017) One wide expanse: writings from the Ireland chair of poetry. ABINGDON: BREV [DOI]
2016 O'Hanlon, K (2016) Quantum Poetics: Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures. OXFORD: BREV [DOI]
2015 Karl O'Hanlon (2015) 'To Think Harder in Verse' (review of Philip Coleman, John Berryman's Public Vision: Relocating the Scene of Disorder UCD 2014. Manchester: BREV
2014 Karl O'Hanlon (2014) ‘Dark with excessive bright’ Review of Geoffrey Hill, Broken Hierarchies: Poems 1952-2012 (Oxford University Press, 2013). Sheffield: BREV
2014 Karl O'Hanlon (2014) 'Late Poems' (review of Thomas Kinsella). Leeds: BREV
2016 O'Hanlon, K (2016) Visionary Philology: Geoffrey Hill and the Study of Words. BALTIMORE: BREV

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) An Irish poet confronts the Holocaust during the second World War. NEWSA
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) Remembering my great-aunt Eliza, killed in Weaver Street bombing 100 years ago today. NEWSA [Link]
2020 Karl O'Hanlon (2020) Desmond FitzGerald on T.S. Eliot: a revolutionary taste in poetry. Dublin: NEWSA


Year Publication
2019 Levay M.;Bratton F.;Krzakowski C.;Keese A.;Corser S.;Livingstone C.;West M.;Cooper S.;D'Monte R.;Martin G.A.R.g.;Saunders G.;Baker W.;Masud N.;Creasy M.;Alonso A.;O'Hanlon K. (2019) Modern literature. REV [DOI]
2018 Levay M.;Radford A.;Krzakowski C.;Keese A.;Dick M.;Livingstone C.;Tweed H.;Rodríguez Martín G.;Saunders G.;Baker W.;Creasy M.;O'Hanlon K.;Hanna A. (2018) Modern literature. REV [DOI] [Full-Text]


Year Publication
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) 'Ugolino's Last Son'. POEM
2022 Karl O'Hanlon (2022) 'Night Rabbits' and other poems. POEM [Link]
2021 Karl O'Hanlon (2021) 'Eigg' and 'Two Pigeons'. POEM [Link]
2021 Karl O'Hanlon (2021) 'Rooks at Moyglare'. POEM
2021 Karl O'Hanlon (2021) 'The Co-ordinates of Fear'. POEM [Link]
2020 Karl O'Hanlon (2020) 'Calvinist Spider in Ballymoney Service Station'. POEM
2020 Karl O'Hanlon (2020) 'Study in Grisette' and other poems. POEM
2019 Karl O'Hanlon (2019) From In Our Outrageous Masks of Dog-Skin. Kings College, London: POEM
2018 Karl O'Hanlon (2018) 'Three Poems'. POEM
2017 Karl O'Hanlon (2017) from In Memory of Geoffrey Hill. Chicago: POEM
2017 Karl O'Hanlon (2017) Two poems. Sheffield: POEM
2016 Karl O'Hanlon (2016) Three poems (The Insular Style and other poems). Manchester: POEM
2015 Karl O'Hanlon (2015) Clifford's Tower. Leeds: POEM
2014 Karl O'Hanlon (2014) Two poems. Sheffield: POEM


Year Publication
2016 Karl O'Hanlon (2016) And Now They Range. Cornwall: PAMP

Edited Virtual Special Issue

Year Publication
2017 John Burnside, John Clegg, David Constantine et al. (2017) Special Issue on European Poetry. York: EVIRT
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01/05/2022 Maynooth University Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Philosophy Early Career Research Achievement Award Maynooth University
01/09/2017 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship The Leverhulme Trust
01/09/2008 Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship Fulbright Commission
01/07/2022 Provost's Grant for Library Research Wake Forest University
01/09/2012 AHRC Doctoral Award AHRC