Lanlan Gao is an Assistant Lecturer in Maynooth International Engineering College, Fuzhou University.  She holds a PhD degree in Computer Science at Huddersfield University, UK and has both Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in relevant areas with a BEng (major: Computer Science and Technology) and a Masters’ degree (major: Software Engineering).

Lanlan’s main research areas are Data Analysis, Information Technology and Computer Games Design. In particular, it considers how to design specific game features such as multiple endings of the game and games avatars to promote critical reflection value as part of social learning. She has published more than thirty research papers and 3 books in Chinese and English. She has a track record of successfully applying for research grants and has led ten research teams to complete related funding projects.

Lanlan has many years of undergraduate teaching experience and has taught on topics such as programming and data structures. She has also participated in related pedagogy method research, designing teaching material and supervising or evaluating students.