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I joined Maynooth in 2019, having taught for ten years at the University of Liverpool. Prior to that, I was Adrian Research Fellow in English at Darwin College, Cambridge University. My doctorate is from Oxford University.

I'm primarily a scholar of the twentieth century. My work concentrates on the intersections of literature and political change, working across Irish, British, and U.S. writers. I have supervised PhDs on topics in Irish and British modernism, women's writing, and drama, and I welcome proposals for research in these areas as well as in other aspects of twentieth-century literature.

My most recent book is The Poets of Rapallo: how Mussolini's Italy shaped British, Irish, and U.S. Writers (Oxford University Press, 2021). My other books include a family biography Revolutionary Lives (Princeton University Press, 2016) about the socialist feminist revolutionary Constance Markievicz and her vagabond husband, Casimir, and the academic study W.B. Yeats, the Abbey Theatre, Censorship, and the Irish State (Oxford University Press, 2010). I am currently editing, with Matthew Campbell, the Oxford Handbook of W.B. Yeats (forthcoming 2023) and am editor of Late Modernism and Expatriation (Clemson UP, 2022). My writing has also been published in major scholarly journals in the fields of literature and history, including History Workshop Journal, The Journal of British Studies, and Modernism/modernity.

I enjoy writing for popular audiences and have published essays in Literary Hub as well as in Public BooksTLS and the Irish Times. I’ve been a guest of BBC Parliament, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio Ulster, and have served as consultant for various media outlets and for theatre productions. 

My appointments include a semester as Burns Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Irish Studies at Boston College; as visiting fellow at Cambridge University's Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities; as a fellow at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, and twice as a visiting fellow at Trinity College Dublin's Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute. In spring 2022, was a visiting fellow at the New York Public Library in relation to my new book project about women artists working during the Great Depression.

At Maynooth, I teach poetry and drama, Irish literature, and a final-year seminar on war writing. 

My writing is represented by Peter Straus at RCW Literary Agency: 


Year Publication
2021 Arrington, Lauren (2021) The Poets of Rapallo: How Mussolini's Italy Shaped British, Irish, and U.S. Writing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2016 Arrington, Lauren (2016) Revolutionary Lives: Constance and Casimir Markievicz. USA: Princeton University.
2010 Arrington, Lauren (2010) W.B. Yeats, the Abbey Theatre, Censorship, and the Irish State: Adding the Half-Pence to the Pence. USA: New York: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 Arrington, Lauren (2020) '‘I myself delight in Miss Edgeworth’s novels’: Gender, Power, and the Domestic in Lady Gregory’s work' In: Irish Literature in Transition: 1880-1940. UK : Cambridge University Press. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2016 Arrington, Lauren (2016) 'Feeding the Cats: Yeats and Pound at Rapallo, 1928' In: Uncertain Futures: Essays about the Irish past for Roy Foster. UK : Oxford University Press. [DOI]
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2009 Brian Griffin (2009) 'Staging the Hunger Strikes: The Revolutionist and The King’s Threshold at the Abbey Theatre, 1921' In: New Voices in Irish Studies. UK : Bath-Spa University Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2023 Arrington, Lauren with Matthew Campbell (Ed.). (2023) The Oxford Handbook of W.B. Yeats. UK: Oxford University Press,
2022 Arrington, Lauren (Ed.). (2022) Late Modernism & Expatriation. USA: Clemson University Press, [Link]
2013 Arrington, Lauren with Zoe Leinhardt and Philip Dawid (Ed.). (2013) Beauty. UK: Cambridge University Press,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Arrington, Lauren (2021) 'Towards a Late Modernist Theatre'. Modernism/Modernity, . [Link] [Full-Text]
2018 Arrington, Lauren (2018) 'Fighting Spirits: Yeats, Pound and The Winding Stair (1929)'. Yeats Annual, 21 :269-294. [Full-Text]
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2008 Arrington, Lauren (2008) 'The Censorship of O’Flaherty V.C'. SHAW, :85-106. [Full-Text]
2008 Arrington, Lauren (2008) 'I sing what was lost and dread what was won:’ Yeats and the Legacy of Censorship'. Irish University Review, :222-242. [Full-Text]

Encyclopedia Entry

Year Publication
2016 Arrington, Lauren (2016) Irish Modernism. [Encyclopedia Entry] [DOI]

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2022 Lauren Arrington (2022) Finding his voice: newly discovered poems by Thomas MacGreevy. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2022 Lauren Arrington (2022) A New Deal for Ireland's Artists. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2018 Arrington, Lauren (2018) Madame Markievicz: Parties, Politics, Protest. [Newspaper Articles]
2018 Arrington, Lauren (2018) Has Irish Literature Ignored Our Colonial Experience?. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2018 Arrington, Lauren (2018) First-wave feminism’s #MeToo Moment. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]

Review Articles

Year Publication
2017 Arrington, Lauren (2017) Rev. of Geoff Bell, Hesitant Comrades: the Irish Left and the British Labour Movement (Chicago, 2016). USA: [Review Articles]
2013 Arrington, Lauren (2013) Rev. of David Fitzpatrick, “Solitary and Wild”: Frederick MacNeice and the Salvation of Ireland (Dublin, 2012) and Fran Brearton and Edna Longley, eds. Incorrigibly Plural: Louis MacNeice and his Legacy (Manchester, 2012). [Review Articles]
2013 Arrington, Lauren (2013) Rev. of Anne Saddlemeyer, ed. W.B. Yeats and George Yeats: the Letters (Oxford, 2011) and Neil Mann, Matthew Gibson, and Claire Nally, eds. W.B. Yeats’s A Vision: Explications and Contexts (Clemson, 2012). [Review Articles]
2022 Lauren Arrington (2022) California, Coming Home: On Julia Scheeres and Allison Gilbert's Listen, World!. [Review Articles] [Link]
2022 Lauren Arrington (2022) We all belong to the same war. [Review Articles] [Link]


Year Publication
2017 Arrington, Lauren (2017) Rev. of Sonja Tiernan, ed. The Political Writings of Eva Gore-Booth (Manchester, 2016). [Reviews]
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