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I am a Professor of English, with specialties in Gender, Intersectionality, Motherhood, and Irish Studies.

I was Visiting Fellow in Irish Studies at the Centre for Irish Studies/Moore Institute at NUIG, in Spring 2022, and in the autumn semester of 2021, I was Visiting Professor In Irish Studies at the Centre for Irish Studies at Boston College, both leading global centres for Irish Studies.

I am also Associate Dean for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Interculturalism, Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy. I share this role with my colleague, Dr Catherine Gander; we submitted a pioneering co-application for the position of Associate Dean to create possibilities and models for a gender-responsive and flexible method of collaborative leadership.  In my role as EDI Associate Dean, I am also the co-chair of the Faculty Self-Assessment Team (SAT) for the Athena SWAN Bronze Award application and am the first chair of the Implementation Group for the FACSP Gender Equality Action Plan.

A long-standing and deep commitment to equality, inclusion, and diversity has been a core value of my work in research, teaching, and service. My work has focused on diversifying culture by examining cultural gender gaps, ableism, and by mapping the overlooked and unseen maternal imaginaries -- or, in other words, the shapes and practices of motherhood and care so often unnamed, as well as under- or unpaid, in culture and society. I have examined intersections of these areas in the fields of Irish writing, as well as contemporary poetry, fiction, art, and popular culture more broadly, and I have published extensively in these areas. These diverse practices are linked in my work by my consistent engagement with intersectionality, social and environmental justice, and the psychoanalytic approach I take. This critical lens is eclectic, drawing on Attachment Theory, Object Relations, Anglo-American feminism as well as French feminist and Jungian psychoanalytical approaches.

The psychoanalytical lens allows for experiential and affective topologies to be linked to wider cultural practices. Recent research in trauma studies, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology have refreshed this practice, especially in the area of Polyvagal theory, and this combined with ecofeminism and queer ecology, as well as indigenous and feminist economic models of rematriation and gift economies, can help create responsive critical paradigms for understanding and integrating the innovative work of artist/activists seeking a sustainable future in which issues of social justice can be meaningfully addressed. I see this as part of the wider scholarly search for new modes of critical engagement to respond to the innovative ways in which artists and writers cross genre boundaries and merge modalities to create the interventions needed for the urgent crises that the planet currently faces.

Inclusion, diversity, and equality have also been driving principles in my teaching practice. In my work in Japan, at UCD, and at MU, I have created accessible, enabling, supportive, and motivating learning environments, a commitment recognized in a USI and National Forum National Teaching Hero Award 2021, and in my selection as an Advance HE Innovative Assessment Torch Bearer. 

The service roles I have pursued that include Associate Dean for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Interculturalism, MAP Officer, and Co-Chair of FACSP Athena Swan Committee reflect my dedication to equality across all sectors of university life.

I have supervised PhDs on motherhood and reproductive politics, gender, aging, class and sexuality in fiction, drama, art, and poetry, performance art, and I welcome Ph.D. proposals in these and any of the other areas listed in my research fields. As a former Fulbright Scholar in Irish Studies at UC Berekely (2009), I have served as a Fulbright mentor and am currently a mentor on the Horizon 2020-funded Mothernet project, as well as in the faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy, and I welcome applications from post-doctoral fellows.

I am currently PI on the IRC-funded project Mamecology, in which I partner with the Irish Cancer Society (ICS).  Mamecology is a curated virtual exhibition of artistic responses to breast cancer by both established artists and writers and by those who have turned to creative practices when faced with a diagnosis. Including writing, visual art practices, music, and performance, and it gathers expressions of the inner life of patients and loved ones, and provides a rich resource to assist with 'living well with, and through, cancer' (ICS). I am a former director of two MU Arts and Humanities research clusters (2011- 2015), a founding member of MU's Motherhood Project, which has successfully attracted funding from MU's Arts and Humanities Institute (AHI), and a member of Mothernet, a Horizon 2020 Twinning Project between MU, Vilnius University, Lithuania and Uppsala University, Sweden.


Book Chapter

Year Publication
2022 Moynagh Sullivan (2022) 'The Law of the Mother and the Sibling World: Leeanne Quinn’s Queer Ecologies' In: Gender in Irish Literature and Culture. Cork : UCC Press.
2021 Moynagh Sullivan (2021) 'Rematriating Mid-century Modernism: Carla Lanyon Lanyon' In: Cambridge History of Irish Women's Poetry. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
2016 Moynagh Sullivan (2016) ''An Ear to the Earth: Matrixial Gazing in Tim Robinson's Walk-Art-Text Practice'' In: Unfolding Irish Landscapes: Tim Robinson,in Culture and Environment. Manchester : Manchester University Press.
2016 Moynagh Sullivan (2016) ''“Scatter-Eyed /And Daunted”: The “Matrixial Gaze” in Seeing Things'' In: The Soul Exceeds Its Circumstances: The Later Poetry of Seamus Heaney. Indiana : Notre Dame University Press. [Link] [DOI]
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) ''Watch Your Language: Speculative Theory and the Poetry of Rita Ann Higgins'' In: Theory on the Edge: Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference. BASINGSTOKE : PALGRAVE.
2011 Moynagh Sullivan (2011) ''No Undue Details: Love, Sex and Embodiment in the Poetry of Pearse Hutchinson'' In: Reading Pearse Hutchinson: From Findrum to Finestra. Dublin : Irish Academic Press. [Full-Text]
2008 Moynagh Sullivan (2008) ''Gender, Sexuality and Irish Studies: Foreword'' In: Essays in Irish Literary Criticism: Themes of Gender, Sexuality, and Corporeality. New York; Wales : Mellon press.
2008 Moynagh Sullivan (2008) ''In Search of Male Poets'' In: Irish Poetry after Feminism. Oxford : Colin Smythe. [Full-Text]
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2007 Moynagh Sullivan (2007) '‘Boyz to Men: Irish Boy Bands and Mothering the Nation’' In: Wanda Balzano, Anne Mulhall and Moynagh Sullivan(Eds.). Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan. [Full-Text]
2007 Moynagh Sullivan and Borbala Farago (2007) ''Facing the Other: Introduction’' In: Borbala Farago and Moynagh Sullivan(Eds.). Facing the Other: Interdisciplinary Studies in Race, Gender and Social Justice. : Cambridge Scholar’s Press.
2007 Moynagh Sullivan, Wanda Balzano, Anne Mulhall (2007) ''Aporias'' In: Irish Postmodernists and Popular Culture. Basingstoke : Palgrave McMillan. [DOI]
2000 Moynagh Sullivan (2000) 'Feminism, Postmodernism and the Subjects of Irish and Women’s Studies’' In: P.J. Mathews(Eds.). New Voices in Irish Criticism. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
1999 Moynagh Sullivan (1999) 'Irish Mid-Century Writers: Máire Bradshaw, Ita Daly, Nicolette Devas, Polly Devlin, Dervla Murphy, K. Arnold Price, Moira O’Neill, Blanaid Salkeld, and Elizabeth Shane' In: The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. [Link]


Year Publication
2022 Moynagh Sullivan (2022) Mama/L: Maternal Imaginaries in Contemporary Irish Culture. TBC: TBC.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2009 Moynagh Sullivan, Borbola Farago (Ed.). (2009) Facing the Other: Interdisciplinary Studies in Race, Gender and Social Justice in Irleand. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishers,
2007 Moynagh Sullivan, Anne Mulhall, Wanda Balzano (Ed.). (2007) Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2017 Moynagh Sullivan, Abby Palko, Sinead Kennedy (2017) ''Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality in Irish Studies''. BREAC: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies, . [Link] [Full-Text]
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) ''A Quare Pair: Feminist and Queer Ecologies in Irish Cultural Studies''. Irish University Review, 43 (1):41-48.
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Edited Journal Issue

Year Publication
2007 Moynagh Sullivan, Wanda Balzano (2007) Special Issue: 'Irish Feminisms'. EJRNL [Link]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2005 Moynagh Sullivan (2005) American Association of Irish Studies (ACIS) and British Association of irish Studies (BAIS) Conference 2004 Review of BAIS/ACIS Conference, July 2004, BAIS Newsletter, Spring 2005

Invited Lectures

Year Publication
2014 Moynagh Sullivan (2014) 'Undressing Irish Motherhood'. INVL
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) ‘Poetry and Popular Culture’. INVL
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) Journey through the Self: Poetry and Healing. INVL
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) ‘“A Quare Pair”: Feminism and Queer Theory in Irish Studies’ American Association for Irish Studies (ACIS) Annual Conference Chicago, 10/04/2013-13/04/2013.
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) ‘Irish Studies from the Edge of Reason’ American Association for Irish Studies (ACIS) Annual Conference Chicago, 10/04/2013-13/04/2013.
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Book Review

Year Publication
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870-1970. EDINBURGH: BREV
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Year Publication
2002 Moynagh Sullivan (2002) The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing Volumes IV and V: Irish Women's Writing and Traditions. Cork: ED
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Electronic Publication

Year Publication
2015 Moynagh Sullivan (2015) 'Critical Analysis of Eavan Boland's The Pomengranate'. Maynooth: ELECP [Link]
2015 Moynagh Sullivan, Jody Allen Randolph (2015) 'A Poet's Dublin -Eavan Boland'. Maynooth: ELECP [Link]

Encyclopedia Entry

Year Publication
2013 Moynagh Sullivan (2013) The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland: ‘Irish Boy Bands’. Dublin: ENC [Link]

Invited Seminars

Year Publication
2012 Moynagh Sullivan (2012) 'Room, Tooth, Door': Allegories of Birth in 'Room'. Vancouver: INVS
2011 Moynagh Sullivan (2011) , ‘Watching Language, Gender and Class in the Poetry of Rita Ann Higgins’. INVS
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Invited papers

Year Publication
2019 Moynagh Sullivan (2019) 'Transformers: the Transhuman Horizon and Emma Donoghue’s Room'. INVP
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Magazine Article

Year Publication
2001 Moynagh Sullivan (2001) 'On Union and Other Metaphors'. Belfast: MA [Full-Text]


Year Publication
2014 Moynagh Sullivan (2014) TEDx: Creativity and Play as Social Transformers in Emma Donoghue’s Room. MEDIA [Link]
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Year Publication
2014 Moynagh Sullivan (2014) 'Irish Poetic Geneologies: Eavan Boland and Paula Meehan. PRES
2006 Moynagh Sullivan (2006) ‘John Montague: Poems for the Leaving Certificate’. PRES

Guest Editor

Year Publication
2017 Moynagh Sullivan, Abby Palko, Sinead Kennedy (2017) Special Issue: Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality in Irish Studies. GUESTE [Link]


Year Publication
2014 Moynagh Sullivan (2014) Discussion of Gender and Class in the Poetry of Rita Ann Higgins. PODCAST


Year Publication
2012 Moynagh Sullivan (MU English Department), Joe Woods (Poetry ireland), Trish Groves (Trocaire) (2012) Poetry Reading and Educational Outreach. POEM [Link]
2010 Moynagh Sullivan (2010) Recorded Public Interview Interview with Sinead Morrisey at Carton House. POEM

Guest Speaker Hosted

Year Publication
2014 Moynagh Sullivan (2014) A Poet's Dublin. GUESPH
2011 Moynagh Sullivan (2011) Poetry Reading. GUESPH
2010 Moynagh Sullivan (2010) MA Seminar for Incoming Students September 2010. GUESPH
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Teaching Interests

Literary and Cultural Theory: Intersectionality; Gender and Feminist Theory; Disability Studies; Eco- Criticism; Graphic Fiction: Contemporary Poetry; Contemporary Fiction; Popular Culture

Recent Students

Graduation date Name Degree
2011 Maggie O'Neill PhD
2010 Sharon Tighe-Mooney PhD
2019 Brenda O'Connell PhD
2019 Claire Brophy PhD
2019 Amy Mitchell PhD