Dr Niall Connolly

School of Business

Assistant Professor

(01) 474 7501


Niall is an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Niall is a Funded Investigator  with CONNECT, the SCF Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications and an Associate Investigator with CONFIRM, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing.

Niall's research interests are in technology adoption, with a focus on enabling sustainable technology adoption in both private and public settings. The work covers strategic alignment of digital strategies with organisational goals, governance structures, business models, business model innovation, corporate venturing and climate for creativity.

Niall's is currently studying:

  • How neutral host networks can be optimised for economics, access and carbon footprint;
  • How "place based" manufacturing can be supported through technology - using garment manufacturing as a use case.;
  • Developing digital capability within the manufacturing sector;
  • Measurement and performance of innovation ecosystems.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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2016 Gross, Nicole, Connolly, Niall, McNamara, Peter (2016) 'Scaling Up a Small Technology Firm: Business Model Innovation at HaylioMed'. Business Case Journal, 23 (2):33-50. [Full-Text]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
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Published Report

Year Publication
2023 Creamer, C., Connolly, N. & Donnellan, B. (2023) Towards a Smart Southern Region - Report 1: Smart Region Consultation. Southern Regional Assembly, .
2023 Creamer, C., Connolly, N. & Donnellan, B. (2023) Towards a Smart Southern Region - Report 2: International Approaches to, and Good Practice in, the development of Smart Regions. Southern Regional Assembly, .
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