Stavros Angelis

Arts and Humanities Institute

Senior Technical Officer/Digital Officer

1nd Floor


Stavros Angelis is a senior technical officer/digital officer at the Maynooth University Arts and Humanities Institute. He studied Archives and Library Science in the Ionian University, Greece, where he also received his MSc in Information Science.
Since he joined the Arts and Humanities Institute, he has been involved in many projects on multiple roles. He has been the lead developer for the new infrastructure of the Letters 1916-23 project ( He has been the chief technical officer for the Clericus project (, i.e. he defined the technical requirements, led the software programming, did the actual programming, defined the data model and the overall information architecture, identified work packages and assigned tasks to the content team and overall lead the technical development of the project. He migrated and developed the new web application for the legacy project Irish in Europe ( He participated in projects developing in the Institute in various roles, e.g. defining technical requirements, work packages and tasks, selecting suitable personnel and leading the overall project development.
Stavros is a passionate software developer and in his free time he is making prototypes and standalone web/mobile/desktop applications and generally reading to expand his coding skills. His favorite code stack is JavaScript related, including technologies such as Node.js, React with Redux, Angular and many more but he also codes a lot in PHP and Python. He does database programming with various SQL and NoSQL databases including MySQL, Neo4j, MongoDB and other. He is accustomed to working with Linux based server environments and prefers Docker as the main engine for project deployment.
Stavros has worked extensively on defining, implementing, extending, and transforming metadata schemas and creating mappings and crosswalks across various information structures. He has always been a part of interdisciplinary teams, working independently and/or collaborating with people of different backgrounds.
Stavros is responsible for the technical support for the Arts and Humanities Institute and on the spot technical assistance and user guidance of staff members for a wide variety of requests, different OS (Windows, OSX, Linux) and different setups (i.e. networks, printers, PCs, mobile devices etc.). Stavros is also responsible for selecting, purchasing and maintaining hardware, technical equipment and software for the needs of the Arts and Humanities Institute.
He has assisted in organizing workshops and has provided training on different subjects such as XML, XSLT, mappings, HTML, CSS, conceptual modelling etc.