Maynooth University School of Business


Award Type and NFQ level : RESEARCH PH.D. (10)

CAO/PAC code : MH08D;MH09D

CAO Points :

The PhD programme in Accounting creates a framework that complements and supports independent research in the field of accounting, whilst providing milestones through which the graduate student will advance, and structured educational inputs to support and develop the student. Students are required to complete a written thesis and viva voce examination together with at least 15 credits in subject – specific modules and at least 15 credits in transferable skills. The programme can be undertaken on a full or part time.

Masters Degree ( Honours). Applicants must also have a recognised primary degree which is considered equivalent to Irish university primary degree level.

Minimum English language requirements: please visit Maynooth University International Office website for information about English language tests accepted and required scores. The requirements specified are applicable for both EU and non-EU applicants.

National University of Ireland Maynooth’s TOEFL code is 8850


The Programme consists of the completion of 30 credits of structured modules, completion of a written thesis and a vive voce examination. The 30 credits of structured modules will comprise 15 credits in transferrable skills and 15 credits in a subject related area. The timing of these credits will be agreed between the student and the supervisor(s) but it is anticipated that at least 10 credits in transferrable skills will be taken in year 1.

Modules taken can be drawn from the suite of existing University modules listed below and in the case of  discipline specific modules, also from modules available in other Institutions. The list below may be extended by additional relevant modules that may be offered by the Graduate School or individual Schools and Departments within the University over time

Course Duration: 4 year Full-time, 6 years Part-time



Postdoctoral Research

Online application only

PAC Code

MHH06 PhD Full-time

MHH07 PhD Part-time


The following documents should be forwarded to PAC, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway or uploaded to your online application form:

Certified copies of all official transcripts of results for all non-Maynooth University qualifications listed MUST accompany the application. Failure to do so will delay your application being processed. Non-Maynooth University students are asked to provide two academic references and a copy of birth certificate or valid passport.


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