Biological & Geographical Science

Why study Biological & Geographical Science

With Climate Change, the global biosphere has entered a new and unchartered phase. To find solutions for this crisis, scientists need to better understand how organisms, ecosystems and the environment interact together. This course brings these disciplines together over an advanced 4-year programme.

The core areas in Biology and Geography covered by the programme provide foundation knowledge across both disciplines, and explore in different ways how the dynamic planet Earth supports such a diversity of climates, landforms, ecosystems and species, and also how human activity is impacting on all of these from a local to a global scale.

Training covers advanced technical skills in both disciplines, including geographical information systems, climate analysis, animal and plant science, molecular biology, and field-based methods, as well as advanced statistical analysis and data science.

You will also learn key transferable skills for your later career, including independent thinking and analysis, advanced technical writing, presentation skills, group-working and leadership.


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