Electronic Engineering

Why study Electronic Engineering

A world without electronic engineering and our designs would be almost unrecognisable. An Xbox, a children’s toy, a heart rate monitor or a mobile phone – these are all the product of electronic engineering. Almost anything that is driven by electricity or a battery was designed by an electronic engineer.

Our designs often power many of the important elements of our modern life such as the internet, the intelligent systems in our cars, televisions and computers and the smart meters that control water, electricity and gas. As the growth of the smartphone in the last ten years shows, technology rapidly changes. Electronic engineers are driving this change, creating new capabilities and finding new applications to change our world, for fun, for our health, and for our prosperity.

Electronic engineering offers students an exciting technological window on the world.  If you are one of those people who looks at everyday electronic items and wonders “how does that work?’’ then electronic engineering is for you. If you look at those items and think “I can make this work better”, then electronic engineering is definitely the career for you .

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