Why study English

Great literature can give you as much of an insight into the complexities of human nature as any psychology textbook. It can help you see complicated situations from multiple perspectives. It can be thought-provoking, moving, shocking, funny – often all at the same time. A world of English literature is opened up to you when you study English at Maynooth - from the Renaissance to the present day.

The Department is home to internationally-recognised scholars and dedicated educators, and the degree programme reflects the changing, global nature of English language literature while providing students with a thorough understanding of established traditions. The Department also boasts notable expertise in Irish literature and postcolonial studies.

Studying English at Maynooth provides an exciting and rewarding student experience and throughout your degree you will be encouraged to engage in critical debate about the meaning and value of particular texts. This will help to foster intellectual flexibility: an awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of situations and the ability to approach problems with an open mind. As a result, you will gain analytical skills and develop critical thinking – skills which appeal greatly to future employers

Undergraduate Degrees

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