Why study German

As a student of German, you will have a twin focus on language and culture. Through language classes and with supporting material such as film, television and outings to cultural events, you will become a fluent speaker and writer of German. If you’re a beginner, you can take intensive language classes.

We also teach you about the way people live, think and interact in the German-speaking countries by introducing you to the history, literature, politics and culture of all German-speaking countries. This will help you to develop your analytical abilities, as well as your capacity to acquire new knowledge independently, to exchange ideas and to process information – all valuable skills needed in the workplace.

All students of German have the opportunity to spend the third year of their undergraduate studies living in a German speaking country and to graduate with a BA International. The Department of German has Erasmus links with over twenty universities in Germany and Austria, and we also facilitate students who would like to spend a year teaching in Germany. A year in a German-speaking country means you are speaking the language and hearing it spoken on a daily basis; it allows you to experience German as a living language rather than just as an academic subject. Our students who spend a year abroad return home with much improved language skills and with much more confidence in their ability to communicate well in German.


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