Local and Community Studies

Why study Local and Community Studies

Take one of our flexible, modular part-time evening degrees in Local Studies or Community Studies at your own pace. The interdisciplinary nature of the BA in Local Studies combines the expertise of Ireland’s leading History Department for the study of local history, with one of the foremost Geography Departments in the country. In addition, the Centre for Irish Cultural Heritage and the Department of Ancient Classics provide the platform for a deeper understanding of the social forces that helped to shape both people and place.

Maynooth University has a particular strength in relation to community studies. The diversity of interests of both our academic staff and student body is reflective of the diversity of our ‘lived in’ community.

The University is not an ivory tower – rather it is a hive of activity that learns from the real world experiences of living communities we engage with. University Departments interact with communities for research and teaching on an ongoing basis and academics spend time in communities, often giving their expertise freely. The teaching style adopted in the BA Community Studies, the nature of research undertaken, and the diverse student learning groups, combine to make Maynooth University the best location to undertake Community Studies


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