Why study Philosophy

The expertise gained in Philosophy is of great value in many different careers. Philosophy is a good preparation for an academic career, for journalism, law, radio and television and the media in general, for politics and public service, and increasingly, philosophy graduates are being hired by large corporations. Philosophy graduates are valued for their quick intelligence, and their ability to take an overview on the problem or situation confronting them and, most importantly, their ability to reason clearly and independently and to ‘think outside the box’.

As an academic subject, philosophy is changing rapidly and is no longer confined within the Arts and Humanities Departments, as can be seen in the evolution of new undergraduate programmes at Maynooth University such as the BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and the BSc in Computational Thinking – which links Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy. These courses have arisen out of a response to approaches made by many multinational employers to add philosophy modules to different degrees so that students might improve their communication, critical, and analytical skills.

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