Physics - Theoretical

Why study Physics - Theoretical

 As a theoretical physicist you will study the fundamental physical laws governing the entire natural world from the microscopic to the cosmic and apply your knowledge using advanced mathematical and computational techniques to the understanding to a vast range of topics including black holes, the Big Bang, elementary particles, superconductivity, quantum computing, the properties of matter in extreme conditions, fluid dynamics, and biological systems.

The study of complex systems using mathematical and computational techniques is much sought after not only in the world of scientific research but also other key areas of human endeavour and industry, from engineering to construction to economics, financial modelling to climate science, and software development to space travel. Studying theoretical physics allows you to learn how to think rigorously and analytically in answering challenging questions in any context in which quantitative reasoning is required. Take a degree where you are prepared for research in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics as well as applications across all domains of science and technology.

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