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Welcome to the Maynooth Student Residences' webpages. 

Maynooth Student Residences offers full time registered students of Maynooth University and St Patrick's College Maynooth  7 days per week accommodation accross the full academic year and we expect that to continue to be our offering in the academic year 2020-2021. The Student Residences operates as a diverse community where students live and collaborate with eachother to create an enjoyable peaceful study and living environment.

To start the process of joining the Student Resident Community you need to book a room. We normally arrange booking events throughout the year starting with Current Students (those already studying at Maynooth) in the Spring and then in May we offer a pre-booking service to prospective incoming first year undergraduates. This year that was not possible due to the health emergency globally and a new timetable of bookings will be published soon. It is likely that all bookings will done during August starting with  prospective first year undergraduates (entering via CAO). This booking is scheduled for the day after Round 1 CAO. Further details can be found here.

Room bookings will be governed by the Booking Terms and Conditions and Eligibility Criteria until check-in. Thereafter the residency will be governed by the Licence to Reside. This  Licence is granted when it is signed and accepted by the intending resident at the time of check-in. All residents will have their residency registered with the Residential Tenancies Board and the residency will be governed in line with the current legislation and regulations.

WANT TO BOOK A ROOM ON CAMPUS IN 2020-2021? (currently pending re-opening plans due to Covid19)

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Students with  Disabilities:  Students may apply for a room on campus due to the impact of a disability. Please read the link for further information.

Virtual Tour: Take a look around! Click here to get a representative sample of rooms and spaces in each location.

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